Understanding Spiritual Malady

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Understanding Spiritual Malady

Postby knny913 » Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:53 pm

Hi everyone!! It has been quite a few "sober" days since I have replied to this forum. I do look at it from time to time, as it has always been one of the best forums I have found.

Interesting questions Dallas. When I first came to AA I really had no clue as to what to expect, I was so far down in the pit I had been digging all my life (without even knowing it), and my alcoholism was progressing faster and faster, the ground I was digging had turned to quicksand, and I was going down harder and faster. I was afraid ... not of dying, but of not being able to drink anymore, even though I dispised most every drink I was consumming, I still didn't know or understand how sick I was. I didn't belive in a higher power, a God, a Spiritual Being, or a spirit in general.

To me "my spirit" is what I chose to give in a loving and generous way, like if I have a sick friend, or cannot be at a meeting, I can be there in "Spirit". Then there is the "Spiritual" life I live as a new life I have come to believe in. The Spiritual life is where I have come to accept a "loving" and "understanding" God, not the one I had heard and seen in other people all my life ( the one I missunderstood as being hypocritical, and damning), but the genuine one that is always with me, as long as I have my Heart open to Him, the one that guides me, as long as I stay out of the way, and the one that helps me to understand the person who is just as sick as I am and or was, and to be willing to show them how to find their way with their own intrepretation of the Spirit. As Sunlight just pointed out, none of us could have gotten sober and been able to change our lives if it weren't for some sort of Higher Power.
The Big Book gives us all kinds of directions on how to find, reach and live the Spirit, from Spirit to Spirit of Nature, Spirit of Universe, Spirtual, Spiritual activities, advisor, approach, awakening, basis, convictions, on and on through out, all the way to Spiritual ways. All we have to do is follow the directions in the book and we will can learn that it is all one in the same, and each one is different. As my sponsor tells me all the time, "Let's Read the Book", and then we can discuss the print, quit "interpretating" it, and live in "The Spirit of the Universe" the rest of our "sober" lives.
Pretty confusing isn't it?

Great to be here again..Kenny

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Postby Dallas » Wed Feb 23, 2011 4:04 am

Made perfect sense to me, Kenny. And, it's great to read from you! I've missed you!


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