12 step work. You ever feel almost selfish in doing it?

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12 step work. You ever feel almost selfish in doing it?

Postby blueangel » Mon Apr 10, 2006 4:13 am

I was talking to some people today about how far they had come in a brief period of time since the 12 step call, and I replied" you should have seen it from my end :lol: " It's almost a selfish thing to see how amazing it works when it works no matter how small what we did was. Just getting the chance to see it is amazing to me, and if we happened to anything at all to help it's way to cool. It's talked about constantly in the BB, but it never ceases to amaze me the natural high I get out of seeing what a short period of time can do. I am constantly amazed by the works in progress, and the never ending reminders that there really are NO coincedences. It's always God thing or higher power thing depending on what people relate best to. I think it's just too funny that the one day I was going to take off was the beginning of an incredible week that ended with me on such a natural high, Huh, see me get selfish about days off lounging around like a lizard on a rock and My God always gets the last laugh but I get blessed in more ways than I can count.
have a great 24 everyone and God Bless, Kay :D

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