Favorite Sponsor lines

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Favorite Sponsor lines

Postby cinderbobble » Mon Apr 24, 2006 2:28 pm

When I told my sponsor I didn't feel safe going to a meeting, that my inner child was feeling kind of shaky, she promptly responded that I had better teach my inner child principles before personalities and get my but to a meeting 8)

When I told that I thought I was sociopathic autistic she said, I'd say anything to get out of working the steps!.

I told her I was incapable of honesty, and she demonstrated with a cup, saying see this cup? If you fill it with ####, then there's no 'capacity' for anything else, but take the #### out (4th step), then I can put whatever I want in that cup!

When I was fired from a job, in despair I called her up, and told her I didn't think I'd ever get a job in this town - that nobody would hire me, and that I was angry because I'd have to leave, and go someplace else, thereby leaving all my support here... she responded, are you telling me that you know the future? (reminding me that my ONLY job is the footwork, and leaving the results to God).. and I have since found gainful employment and still reside in my town

I worried about keeping a job, and she asked me if I was doing what they were paying me to do and if I was, then don't worry. Since then I've lost some jobs, but in reality, that opened doors to others.

Even though I got in a relationship with a man who drinks (a topic that sparks debate among many members, ) in non-judgmental fashion, she told me that I have an opportunity to do things differently. My sponsor knows that not EVERYBODY who drinks is an alcoholic, and that it was MY drinking that caused me troubles. The BB also refers to something about spiritual condition. Although I have since had many moments of doubt, I have learned more and more about opening up to other beings, and it has humbled me, as I have been accustomed to thinking that I actually am the know-all and the end-all of all there is to know! (Imagine that! :twisted:

Oh, I had been in the habit of telling her about a friend, w/whom I'd experienced much conflict, because she didn't return phone calls. Well, one time she did, and I was so happy to make this contact, that I called my sponsor, and magnanimously told her that I was willing to withhold judgement this time (thereby eliciting a pat on the back :wink: , but then she responded, 'I suggest you withhold judgment ALL the time!

There is so much more - I'd love to share because trying to come up with something that my disease wants me to 'win' I have never yet come up with something that my sponsor could not respond to. (Maybe I really am a dimwit).

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Postby Dallas » Mon Apr 24, 2006 5:45 pm

Hey Cinderbobble,

Thanks for sharing those experiences of wisdom from your sponsor! Sounds like you've got a very good sponsor!


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Postby wareagle10 » Tue Apr 25, 2006 1:52 am

Welcome to the board. I read all your posts and from what I saw and the degree that you shared I would say that "dimwit" certainly is not a monicker that I would hang on you.

You were saying that you lost a job and thought that you would have to leave town because you wouldn't be able to get another. I used to think that way also, only my problem was that I had a service business and I worked in bars and restaurants and everybody knew I was a drunk and that I would never be able to make a living on my own. Just the opposite was true I started getting back old business because people knew I was no longer drinking and would be doing a good job instead of a drunken job.

A friend of mine drove truck for a wholesale construction company, he hated it. He would call his sponsor and tell him that he hated the job and wanted to quit, the sponsor would reply, "It's not time to quit yet", he kept working. Month after month he would tell his sponsor he hated his job and wanted to quit, his sponsor would again reply, "It's not time to quit yet", and he kept working. One Friday he went to work and got his pink slip and he promptly called his sponsor all pissed off because they layed him off, his sponsor replied" It's time to quit that job". He has since gone on to be quite successful and HE KNOWS WHEN TO QUIT.

I would agree with Dallas, it sounds like you have the right sponsor for you and where you are. Don't sell yourself short, you have a lot of qualities that show through your sharing. I hope you keep posting and sharing the way that you have been. With the one thing you say you thought you didn't have, HONESTY.

Take care and straight ahead, John.

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