More Daily Reflections...

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Buck V
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Postby Buck V » Mon May 22, 2006 2:49 pm

Daily Reflection

Wouldn't it be great if life had an edit button?
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More Daily Reflections

Postby Dallas » Mon May 22, 2006 4:31 pm

More Daily Reflections:

Live and Let Live ...

Easy Does It...

One Day At A Time...

Relax and take it easy!

Rule #62b... Don’t take yourself or anyone or anything else too seriously!

If newcomer’s could see no joy or fun in our existence that wouldn’t want it....

We absolutely insist on enjoying life....

So we think cheerfulness and laughter make for usefulness...

But why shouldn’t we laugh? We have recovered and been given the power to help others.

We are sure God wants us to be happy, joyous and free.

Big Book... pages 132-133

I have so many things to be thankful for that dwelling on anything other than the good things in life just isn’t worth the time spent dwelling on the things that might make me uncomfortable, or things that might block me from sitting in the Sunlight of The Spirit.

Today is a great day to reflect on the good in my life and the good that I can always find in others, when I take the time to look for it. Let us think about our own recovery... and what a miracle and a gift it is to be sober and alive! Let us move on out from the clouds of passing storms and enjoy the rainbows!

Have a happy sober day in paradise!!!


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More Daily Reflections

Postby Dallas » Mon May 22, 2006 4:52 pm

Important! ...

1. Let’s keep focused on the topic subjects in the forums.

2. The topic of this forum is: Recovery.

3. The subject is: More Daily Reflections.

5. The main idea of this forum thread is for members to post their own original Daily Reflection.

The idea is not to discuss or debate each other on someone elses reflection. We can simply read it and move on. Discussions or conversations that do not relate to the topic and subject of the forums should be handled by Private Messages. Discussions and conversations about someone’s reflection should be addressed to the individual through Private Messages.

Thank you all, for your cooperation!

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Postby blueangel » Mon May 22, 2006 5:09 pm

My daily reflection: easy does it

1. Find that car title again, and keep it in my hand while I do rule 2....

2. find the stapler......

3. Now that I have both in my hand, staple the car title to my forehead.....

4. enjoy this day and all that God has given me to be grateful for and living this 24 hours to it's fullest and doing it sober.

Have a great 24 everyone and God Bless, Kay :D

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More Daily Reflections

Postby Dallas » Tue May 23, 2006 4:24 pm

More Daily Reflections:

Getting out of the trap!

One of the mental traps that I’ve had to spring for myself is the trap of clobbering myself when I’ve done something and someone else has an erratic or abnormal reaction to whatever it is that I’ve done.

In Step Three, I discovered that regardless of my motives and intentions, good or bad, whatever I’ve done or will do is going to affect different types of people in different ways.

Part of what I was discovering in Step Three, had to do with the actions I was taking in regards to living my life on Self-will and Self-propulsion. The idea was for me to see how my actions were affecting others and how it would metaphorically step on their toes... they would get a resentment and desire to retaliate. Once they would retaliate it would then feed a never ending cycle of harms versus harms.

I would then eventually use this information in my Fourth Step Inventory, in listing my fears, resentments, sex conduct and harms done to others. The main object was to see where I was wrong, where I had wronged others, and to identify my weaknesses and the exact nature of my character defects that were at the root of the problems. With that information I would be able to look at my actions from a different point of view and be able to ask myself “What could I have done differently?â€

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Postby 1dayatatime36 » Wed May 24, 2006 1:04 pm

Waking up and asking for the next 24 hours to be fullfilled with hope, strength, and experience...Finding the right people at the right time and in the right place can be exactly what one needs..
I woke up one morning recently feeling disconnected from the world, feeling that i didn't belong anywhere or with anyone, and that is a lonely place to be..
so my reflection for today, for me anyway, is, Not "what is it that is making me feel this way" but what "ACTION" can i take to not feel this way..sitting around and "thinking" about it is not going to change it, but taking the STEPS will..Thank you for letting me share today..Tonya

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More Daily Reflections

Postby Dallas » Thu May 25, 2006 3:51 am

More Daily Reflections:

“ If I haven't learned what doesn't work… I may end up trying it again!"

A long time ago in AA, I heard “It’s just as important to learn what doesn’t work… as it is to learn what does work. Because, chances are… if you haven’t learned what doesn’t work… you’ll end up trying what doesn’t work, again.â€

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Postby Candy » Thu May 25, 2006 4:59 pm

Dallas, I just wanted to thank you for the Reflections. They are very cool! Thank you for taking the time to write them and share them with us. Thank you for all that you do, and all that you have done for me too.
I saw that Marie wrote something. Isn't she the lady that spoke at the convention in Las Vegas last year or the year before?

Where can I find the little face that kisses? :lol:

Your friend always


Tina L.
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Postby Tina L. » Thu May 25, 2006 5:37 pm

my reflection is what i see when im looking at me instead looking at a someone im pretending to be.
Tina xoxoxo

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Postby Dallas » Fri May 26, 2006 7:20 am

More Daily Reflections:

[b]“It is a spiritual axiom that every time we are disturbed,
no matter what the cause, there is something wrong with us.â€
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