Thanks to the Moderators!!!

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Thanks to the Moderators!!!

Postby Dallas » Thu Aug 17, 2006 12:24 am

Thanks to the Moderators!!!

One comment that I frequently hear from visitors and members of the forums at, is how civilized, peaceful and well-mannered that we are!

I’ve heard that on some websites, there are frequent arguments, disagreements and personal jabs taken at the individual members by members.

While we have certainly had our problems here... in the past, much of the credit for the continuing positive environment goes to that Anonymous group that serves as Moderators here on our website.

The Moderators work behind the scenes monitoring the site and the messages. They insure that we try to keep this a nice place to visit, and a place that strives to carry the message of hope and help, with a spirit of peace, love and tolerance, and a genuine desire to be helpful to others.

The Moderators carry out that unfortunate but sometimes necessary service, of maintaining the integrity of our site, and ensuring our Zero Tolerance for arguments, disagreements, personal attacks, or bashing... when personalities or attitudes seem to get in the way of principles of recovery.

When one member here desires to argue, or disagree, or unduly attempt to convince another member of their views... it’s handled by Private Messages and kept out of the eyes of those who visit the Forum. If one member has something that they might like to say to another member... that may not be kind and courteous.... they express it through a Private Message.

When we have something to say, that may be unkind, harsh, rude, controversial, or that may be offensive... we control ourselves... or we hear from the Moderators. When we have anything to say, that may be unkind about anyone or anything... we exercise that same self-control. is not a typical website and our forums are not typical. This website is for people that love A.A., that love being of service... in the A.A. way, and we strive to not be controversial, political, or harmful to anyone in any way.

So.... I thank all of you Moderators for the fine job that you do, and for your willingness to serve in ways that I’m sure are not always pleasant!!!!

And, I thank the rest of you... for the quality of your sharing, your cooperation with our guidelines, and for your efforts to keep this a great place to be!

Thank you,


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Postby Anne » Thu Aug 17, 2006 1:25 am

Excellent job, mods!!

Thanks for bringing this up, Dallas.
It's kind of like thanking the coffeemakers!


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Postby anniemac » Thu Aug 17, 2006 1:05 pm

Well, thank you Dallas and thank you Moderators, for making and keeping this a safe and comfortable place to visit. :D

Scott: Alcoholic
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Postby Scott: Alcoholic » Fri Aug 18, 2006 3:33 am

I will tell you that I have already been elsewhere...what attracted me about Step12 was the spirited atmosphere and sense of true fellowship – online! I did spend some time reading threads before I ever signed on as a member. What I found was something well cared for and appreciated by members. Given the nature of this beast (alcoholism) I would have assumed to find – at least – a few detractors…it only seemed natural. What I actually found was quite the opposite; real people talking the real deal and me knowing that, what they were talking about...could have only come from real life experience doing what it is that they are talking about (a great departure from some things that I have seen in the cyber-recovery world).
Didn't take me long to get signed up after that...LOL!

Kudos! 8)


Buck V
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Postby Buck V » Fri Aug 18, 2006 2:29 pm

Like Scott, I browsed around for awhile before finding Step 12. Some of those sites are worse than watching my 14 year old son trying to chat with 10 different buddies on AIM or Yahoo messenger simultaneously. Real hard to make any sense of anything. Being from a small area, my choices are limited as far as meetings go, and although I go to at least one meeting a day, it does tend to get tiresome to hear over and over how Tom R. killed his dog by feeding him liquor, how Sue S. got 3 DUI's in 3 weeks, in 3 different states, how Bob T. stuck that pistol in his mouth "tasted like whiskey flavored gun-oil" and on and on. (real stories, made up names) In spite of that I always get a nugget or two or at the very least, the feeling of peace and serenity and acceptance I always experience at the end of the meeting when we join hands and recite the Lord's Prayer.

I really like Step 12 because, as has been said, all of the folks who share are the real deal. The differing thoughts, ideas, viewpoints, and feelings are refreshing and I crave learning all I can about my disease, how to control it, and how to apply this design for living to my own situation. Another thing I like about it is I can read, re-read, and return to threads and comments, unlike meetings when someone might say something I may need to hear, but was out getting coffee or something. I copy a lot of comments from this site and keep them in a journal. And I share some of the discussions I read hear at the meetings I attend.

So Thanks Step 12 and thanks to the moderators who keep us focussed and on the subject and who discourage folks from interupting the flow like the young lady from the UK looking for a friend (hee hee).


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Postby Tim » Sat Oct 28, 2006 4:53 am

This is an excellent website and there is plenty of good recovery going on here. I never come here to read without taking something that is useful for my own recovery. My thanks to those who are responsible for maintaining and moderating the site. I appreciate the way the forum is focused on recovery.

I keep a notepad handy at meetings and if there is something someone says that I want to remember, I write it down. That practice works well for me. Also, if I am at a meeting where I don't hear what I need to hear, I sometimes say what I need to hear.

I've also learned to "take what works and leave the rest"...on a shelf where I can take it down later when I need it. I've heard things that made no sense or didn't ring true with me until months or years later.

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