A Happy Anniversary!

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A Happy Anniversary!

Postby blueangel » Wed Aug 30, 2006 5:38 am

Seems all there is on television right now is bad anniversaries. I would like to talk about a good anniversary I am having and that is the one year handling of my latest cell phone :lol: I got this phone while I was out at chaffee with the evacuees as a volunteer. I had to have internet access but I couldn't lug around a laptop due to weight and space problems. I can go through the phone book and call several of those people now and always were my friends and extended family. I can't even count the wonderful times I heard families finding each other across the country after that disaster. what happy tears those were. cheering and crying knowing that they had found yet one more of their loved ones. This very special phone has done countless hours talking to people on hotline calls. I hope I was a little help to some of those people, but at least those people had a number to call, which sometimes was my little worker cell phone :D
I sure am glad that God allows me the priviledge of having a cell phone and surely as wonderful as this phone has been for me :lol: It has provided for me more and so many others precious moments in time that will never go away :lol: sure any cell phone would have done the same I guess, but since I had the luck to carry it I got to see more miracles unfold than some people would ever get to see in such a short period of time as a year :D

On a closing note it was AA and the 12 steps that allowed me the chance to be a part of anything at all other than dirt.

Pretty weird subject huh, but I really wanted to think of a good anniversay right now :lol: :lol:
.........Have a great 24, Kay

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Postby november6 » Thu Sep 16, 2010 2:27 pm

How's that cell phone doing 4 years later?

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