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garden variety
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Postby garden variety » Mon May 14, 2007 3:20 pm

I came across this over and over the past couple days and nights while praying. I think its along the lines of step 3 and turning things over and letting go. But I think its a deeper spiritual principle that God wants me to know about better.

I was a little squirmy thinking abou it. I guess what I seen is like walking through a door but not locking it behind you. I mean its like I have to follow His will but I cant make a decision that says no forever. I can say no and walk through the door and close it behind me today. But there are some things that I don't think He wants me to forget about even if they look impossible or unworkabble or unbelieveable today. It could be people, places and things. Now of course that dont mean to pick up drinking which is a door that needs to stay locked.

I dont know what words to use here and maybe I need some help. I think He's trying to teach me to be openminded in a way. But I also think when He says "Yield" - its like He's saying get your thoughts out of the way and let me do my job the way I think is best. And He might not be finished with whatever the job is today but I dont need to think about on and and on either. And I dont need to pick up the work because I think it needs to get finished so I have to wait for Him again. Sorry this is a little confusing to me too.

Well will you all please help me with this one? Is yilelding a spiritual principle that I need to put in my toolbox and then how do I use it?

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Postby anniemac » Mon May 21, 2007 7:55 pm

Hey GV ~ I was kinda hoping someone else has replied to you, so I could read what they had to say!

First off, I am a bit envious, as you said that this has been coming to you when you pray and meditate. I love prayer and meditation as it calms me, but I've yet to have the experience that anything "comes" to me, and that frustrates me. It's as if I still have these huge walls around me, blocking me off from a better connection.

So, right there, it seems that you are much more yielding than I am!

I'm not clear on what you mean by "yielding", because it sounds to me to be the same as "letting go".

I'm hoping others have something to say about this.

garden variety
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Postby garden variety » Tue May 22, 2007 6:27 pm

Hi Annie...Yea I hope someone else gives me a little direction here. This yielding thing is a slippery little bugger.

If you want to really get a big bang out of meditation and prayer there is a book that opened so many doors for me. It is by this Catholic Monk named Father Thomas Keating and its called "Intimacy With God". For someone like me being a alcoholic and also with attention deficits - its real hard to stay on track for me - learning how to meditate changed my life. I mean like night and day.

I know if I can learn how to meditate as goofy and scatterbrain as I am, then anybody can. It really will help you a lot and its not about the Catholic church or heavy into the religious things. Its a simple common sense book that teaches you how to have a good prayer relationship with a God of your understanding whoever He might be.

Theres another book that helps me in prayer and meditation and its also by another Catholic Monk named Father Basil Pennington and its called "True Self - False Self". This was even more simple than the book by Father Keating. But this book taught me so much about myself and why I do things that are selfish or to please other people especially when I dont want to do something but do it anyhow. Father Pennington is a real upbeat kind of guy and you'd like him if you like people with a positive attitude toward life. He also talks more about simple spiritual ideals that would fit in any kind of religion.

I still hope someone tells me a little more about yielding.

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