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Hey you Guys

Postby 918gma » Wed Sep 21, 2005 4:59 pm

I have had what I think is a growth spurt that has created a problem for me with this very topic, and I'm not quite sure what to do about it except to be honest and plow forward with what I've learned about myself. Then to ask you guys to tell me where to go. (take it easy on that part)

I have discovered while doing my fourth step again that I have a history of not solving problems. I may be a Drama Queen, but I'm not an actress, I'm a reactress. When a problem comes up, I don't solve it. I either ingore it, thus forcing some one else to solve it for me, or spray some bactine on it, throw on a banaide and hope it goes away. So when the problems comes back up or some one else solves it for me, I react and get restfull because now I have to deal with some one else's solution.

The Big Book is about Solutions not bandaides. Solving a problem enables us to grow and understand our Higher Powers will for us. It's designed to teach us how to take action instead of pushing the responcibility off on to some one else.

These quotes are useful tools, but they shouldn't be called bandaids, maybe instead we could call them insights or thinking tools. So how do I change the label.

Rusty Zipper
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more band-aids

Postby Rusty Zipper » Wed Sep 21, 2005 7:41 pm

just thought of the best band-aid yet! "Step12.com" its always here. well almost. unless some wiseinhymer decids to crash the site, or our computer goes down. arg, and the big Phoey :roll: ... step-4, just finished my 4th from the pass year in recovery. wow, realy put me in touch today. dont think the P-Cloud can get any pinker today! ... gots ta run. happy trudgeing all, xoxo Rusty :wink:

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I just finished my fourth and Fifth tonight too

Postby 918gma » Thu Sep 22, 2005 2:47 am

Waited too long. Did I mention procrastination is another of my character defects. The list is endless.

The amazing thing I find about the fourth step. I drede doing it, but I always feel the most amazing sence of peace and relief when it's done.

I'll never figure me out completly. Thank God that means I don't have to give you guys up. Kathy

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Postby crickit » Thu Sep 22, 2005 4:26 pm

I'll never figure me out completly

You mean that we are eventually going to be able to do that LOL. It has taken me 44 years to get to this point, trying to be what I thought I was suppose to be or what others expected me to be. I've just now starting to discover who I am but that is changing every day too. It reminds me of one of the stories in the BB when a woman first comes to AA and says to someone 'I don't know who I am anymore' The woman replies, 'that's good. Now you can be whatever God wants you to be'.

We all have charactor defects but sometimes we don't recognize them all at once. That's why we continually work the 12 steps. In this process of 'finding ourselves' we are being introduced to our deepest defects every day and sometimes even adding new ones without realizing it LOL. Procastination is a big one. I call it the 'Scarlette O'Hara Syndrome'. You know, 'I'll worry about that tomorrow' LOL. But sometimes that's the only way I can get through some 24 hours. As long as I remember to think about it again tomorrow.

To ask our higher power to remove all our defects of charactor would be asking him to make us perfect. The process takes being able to recognize what the defects are and then asking them to be removed and being mere humans we are going to continue to find more defects.

Bandaids are meant for minor cuts and abbrassions. So when we hit a rough spot, sometimes a bandaide is all we need. So as long as we know the difference we'll be ok. We wouldn't but a bandaide on a heart attack would we.

Anyway, that's enough of my 2 cents LOL


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