A simple and easy meditation that works for me

Meditation - a powerful tool for recovery!
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Postby Bill_J » Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:52 pm

the way meditation was explained to me was "praying is when i talk to God, meditation is when God talks to me"... the one thing i have learned while in A.A. is learn to listen and listen to learn... God speaks to me when i pray for the wisdom to do the next right thing... he is a busy person so sometimes i have to wait awhile for the responce... i normally meditate while doing my daily 10th step i look back on the day looking for places i might have handled a situation better or maybe just differently... did i allow my old flawed belief system sneak in... are there wrongs i need to promtly admit to or make amends for...i am not perfect,, i will make mistakes,, it what i do after wards that can keep me in a good spiritual mind set or allow me to take back the wheel and crash and burn...

i like the method you use dallas i will try that..

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