Terms of Use - Privacy and Disclaimers

Terms of Use, Privacy and Disclaimers
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Terms of Use - Privacy and Disclaimers

Postby Dallas » Sat Mar 17, 2012 6:32 pm

By using this website and any information posted on this website, you agree to the below terms of use and service. If you do not agree to the terms and service posted below -- please leave the website now.

We have done our best to provide you with any information that we think you should consider as relevant to you. This does not mean that we have covered everything and every situation or circumstance. You need to exercise your own best judgement for any activity that you conduct on the Internet.

This website and forum and it's data and information -- is for educational, entertainment, and personal sharing of information, experience, views and opinions by individuals who are NOT giving and/or offering any professional advice, opinions or suggestions whatsoever. If you want professional advice -- please go somewhere else to get it. You will NOT get it here.

Each individual is personally responsible for the information that they share and it should be considered as their unique personal opinion and views only -- and NOT considered as professional advice.

If you post information here you should NOT expect any more privacy than you would by sharing in any public place or public venue. This is the Internet which means that noting that we write or post here is private and it can be viewed by anyone in the public.

You may find links or references to information and outside sources on other websites. Those websites are responsible for their own content and information and we have no control over what information, services or data that they provide.

Remember -- search engines and companies dedicated to collecting information and data on the Internet collects information from this site and any other website on the Internet. We can not be responsible and we are not in control of what they do with the information they collect. As a general rule -- you should not provide or post any information on th Internet that you would have a concern for anyone else to view.

Periodically you may find advertisements on this website. We do not personally endorse nor recommend or suggest those companies or individuals or their products or their services. Please see our Privacy Policy for additional privacy information. (You will find a link is provided to it at the bottom of each page of this website titled Privacy Policy).

Remember: We don NOT offer any professional advice here! If you need or want professional advice or care -- you should seek an appropriate professional and NOT seek that kind of help here or information here.

Thank you,
The Management, at Step12.com

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