Expect the Unexpected

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Expect the Unexpected

Postby Rusty Zipper » Tue Oct 18, 2005 12:36 am

i was talking to our friend and spiritual adviser ####### the other day. Mr BB, Dallas! ... talked about something that came up. gunna call this, Expect, the Unexpected at a meeting last week, it was strange. too many people in the room when qualifying, either mentioned that their day was lousy, not good, or just plain sucked! woe, hold on to that Pink Cloud yet again Rusty. the newcomer next to me asked, what up with this? ### i'm thinking, were not a glum lot. Wrong! #### pppppfffff!, i say to him its the tables. he say what? i say again, its the tables. you see in the church that we meet, once in the old Blue Moon, they have the kids do some kind of class. point. the room never has tables set up, only chairs. the room was differant. i say to him, alkyholics do not like change. i tell him the whole program is about change. woe, the negativity flowing in that room was gastly.... well, that same guy was asking for a ride home, of course i say yes :shock: i say after i drop off me recovery buddie, i take ya home. well, my recovery buddie was talking to her sponsee, and taking a bit of time, and the guy got another ride home. cool , no sweats it was a long day, and we both just liked to go home, eat, and sleep... bud, and i leave, are no more than two minutes down the road we see a dog by the side of the road. somone had hit the dog'y. we looked at each other, and at the same time knew what we had to do. we pull over, there were some people mulling around, and also the dogy's owner. ### might add she was #### woe, smellum! pewe! anyway, we know how overdramatic a hystryical drunk alky can be. right??? anyway , the women says to us, wont you please help? the person who hit the dog took off, the ass! bud wraps the dog up, we put it in my car, with the women. i'm thinking, that mabe the dog was in shock? wishfull thinking. the dog was dead. but i no play God, and try to help that women. we go to the 24 hour vet. the same one bud, and i spent last New Years Eve at with her cat. anyway. we think we can drop the women off, and go. "Wrong" she has no pocketbook, no ride, and no $$$ yikes!!! PC, wadda ya gunna do? well as we were wiating for the dog to be looked at. i'm starting to think about all the people at the meeting, starting to get angry, building up a good resentment. i'm thinking, i wish all the ass's that were complaining about their day, were here to see that women cry about her dog! wether she was drunk, or not! that is one of Gods creatures.. istart stewing in this a bit. then it hit me! whammo! not one of those people in the room was saposed to be here!!! ... just me, and my sweetie!... it was the way it should be! thanks for another message The Power That Be ... so always remember to Expect the Unexpected in in sobriety. :roll: ... Hey, if anyone else has a Expect the Unexpected story. i would, and we all would love to hear it. good night, and may God bless. that from the Red Skelton show! anyone remember that? i showing my age :lol: xoxo, Rusty

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