RX for Selfititus

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RX for Selfititus

Postby Rusty Zipper » Sun Nov 06, 2005 12:29 am

can any one imagine being the only one living on the planet? shure, far fetched. if we were, "All about Me" how could it not... my recovery buddie and i were in da Big Apple, beloved NY,NY. we went to celebrate her 2 years of sobriety. oh, what a beautilfull day twaz. we went to Strawberry Fields in central park, ground zero, the irish memorial, and st pauls church. what i'm writing about, is "Imagine"... at the John Lennon Strawberry Fields Memorial, we saw the tile, the one that says "Imagine" i was sitting there, a guy was playing some beatles tunes. was thinking about being the only person on earth. oh, how lonely that would be. then was remembering the loneliness i felt when was out using. was starting to get real gratefull. gratefull for sobriety, my friend i was with. the new life i have, my AA bud's, the new design for living, and more. does this all sould like it's all about me. well kinda yes, and kinda no. what i'm trying to show. without getting out of "Self" none of this could occur... so by reaching out, being able to love, and care. being a part of. dealing with the things that used to baffle me. more important, having a belief, faith, and trust. in something other than me. so my friends, my perscription sof "Selfititus" ya just herd some of it. happy to be alive. one more greatfull day at a time. xo to all. Patrick ... ps, thank you John L

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