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Socially Acceptable

Postby merckx » Tue Jan 18, 2011 4:44 am

My wife and I were watching the facebook movie last night and at the end it said the company was valued at 25 billion dollars. That blew both of our minds. My wife asked me how they made so much money and I replied advertising. She told me that she always had ads displayed about returning to nursing school. That makes sense, somewhere on her profile it is listed that she is a nurse. She then asked me what kind of ads showed up when I was on facebook ... dating websites.

That really made my wife mad. My facebook page lists that I am a married man but that still doesn't change my demographic. The dating websites still think that married men my age might still be looking. Considering out society's view on marriage and fidelity, especially in my generation, it comes to me as no surprise.

Now onto alcohol. I think one of the greatest battles I face is that my disease is socially acceptable. Alcohol, a beverage that has the potential to be as destructive as any "illegal" drug, is socially acceptable. After a year of sobriety my mother-in-law asked me if I wanted a glass of wine. I told her no because I was an alcoholic. She did understand that alcoholic meant I could consume no alcohol in any form.

This is why I need the steps and it is essential that I work them daily. I live in a world that wants to convince me that it is not only okay for me to drink but that I need to drink. I better stay on my game if I want to make it to year two ...

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Postby PeaceJoy » Tue Jan 18, 2011 11:02 am

Wow.........that's weird about Facebook. I get ads for dogs (particularly pugs, which I have) and mothers returning to school. I think there's dating sites occassionally.
Good point that our demographics show trends and we need to buck some of those trends! Good job turning down the wine!


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