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Postby alimac03 » Fri Oct 14, 2011 3:27 am


I take one of the weekly AA meetings and I am planning to discuss the subject of "Sponsorship."

The meeting is a mix of newcomers and old timers, so I really want the topic to include everyone.

What I have become increasingly aware of, is that there are several people in the meeting who have done the steps and then completely severed all ties with their sponsor - a dangerous situation.

Can anyone provide me with some suggestions on readings to use for the meeting or/and raising the topic of continued contact with your sponsor.

Thanks in advance....One day at a time:)

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Postby Dallas » Fri Oct 14, 2011 11:31 am

Welcome to the site! And, thanks for your participation.

We have a long discussion -- or a few of them, regarding this topic in the "Sponsor" category of this forum. I probably couldn't write or say more than has already been written & said there on it. There are so many reasons that it can be happening that it really narrows down to the individual and the sponsors. I have known of situations where -- the sponsor had never taken the Steps -- and after the sponsee took the Steps on their own, or w/ someone else, they moved on. Other times -- it's different.

I've taken many people through the Steps and never became their full-time sponsor. Grateful, that I didn't too -- or, I'd be sponsoring too many people.

I personally have a wonderful sponsor. I took the Steps and was taking people through the Steps before he became my sponsor.

My first sponsor helped me to get up to Step 7 -- but, when he saw the magnitude of the "wreckage of my past" ... he resigned as my sponsor and said I needed someone more qualified to help me.

As I say, there are a multitude of reasons why some have sponsors, some don't, and why some move on to different sponsors.


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Postby alimac03 » Fri Oct 14, 2011 1:11 pm

Thanks Dallas and is great to be here:)

I have been reading the site for sometime now, but only recently felt comfortable enough to post.

Great site and lots of words of wisdom :o

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Postby Toast » Sat Oct 15, 2011 6:30 am

Good topic,

For me its important that my sponsor has a sponsor. This ensures he's not flying by the seat of his pants and giving me his own version of AA. :?

And when choosing a sponsor its wise to choose one that's living a life you aspire too. That way the wisdom he's learned from making mistakes will get you there quicker. :P

As for sponsoring guys, some stay with you for a lifetime, which is very rewarding, especially if they have kids you can watch grow into accomplished adults. Other's didn't get what they were looking for when they went through the steps so they try again with another sponsor, which is fine by me. 8)

Sponsorship is another ' phase of our development' that we all go through some time or another. Some sponsors give it up and go into other types of service, which is all part of their growth in AA. 8)

In AA we're all entitled to grow in any direction we want as long as its up the way! :lol:

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