Merry Christmas to one and all

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Merry Christmas to one and all

Postby 918gma » Sat Dec 24, 2005 7:01 pm

As I was working through some of my own issues these past several days, I was doing some reading in the BB. I was reading stories about the pioneers of this program. Talk about an awesome bunch of people. These men and women did most of their drunk a log in the late 20s and early 30s. An era when most of the world was up side down. The 20s were party central. Devil make care. Do it till you drop. A normal drinker would have had issues, an alcoholic, Holy #$%^%. Then the 30s, no jobs, no money, poor economy. Who wouldn't drink. Most of our alkies lost every thing and then some. Not that they haven''t done the same in other time frames, but then there was no way to get it back. When they did find the program, the information was sparse as best. Most of them had to go to other towns to get the word. No book to study. The nearest sponsor probably didn't have any more sober time than they did. They had to start their own meetings, find the other alcoholics to help, and I don't mean sit in a meeting and wait for them to come to you. They had to go out and look for them actively. No wonder they didn't waist any time on the ones that weren't ready.

The point I am trying to make is that if they could do it, then so can we. When was the last time you visited a hospital to look for some one that needed you, or a jail or sanitarium. I have worked in the jails for he last twenty years, and I can't tell you how many meeting I have seen cancelled because no one showed up. It's a sad thing to watch from my angle.

I'm not busting chops or making any one feel like they aren't doing their thing, I'm just giving food for thought.

This time of year we are all looking for the perfect place to do things for those in need, but what about the rest of the year. The need is still there, and so is ours.

Have a happy holiday and make a gift for yourself to be of service all year round, and insure our sobriety.

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