What do you do for fun, when you're sober?

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Postby loosh » Wed Jan 06, 2010 1:36 pm

When i got sober [ this time ] for first 4 years i worked too much...thinking old ideas ie that money would make me happy, it was good to get new furniture...car and other material things...BUT no real joy..sure my wife was happier...i was too...BUT ??..anyway i happened to discover a 12 step meeting then...decided to TAKE them ALL...I DID...finding out what I was 'all'about in step 4...& sharing the REAL me with a sponsor/friend in A.A.....[ a REAL friend ]...I discovered hey..NO more poor me!!...life is for enjoying...sharing with others...instead of just moaning about the area i lived in...i got involved in community matters...as a volunteer...was elected chairman of tenants/residents assc. organised events for the kids and senior citizens etc. became a 'great' bingo caller !!And party organiser, helped get the neighbourhood upgraded by attending local town hall and meeting those who held the 'purse strings' etc.etc. Then recovered from alcoholism via steps...started another step meeting with my friend/sponsor in 'our' community hall Later met some other volunteers who belonged to a drama group...i'd never been in a theatre in my life [ except surgical via my alcoholic drinking since aged 18 ]... then i was 40 ...joined this modern drama group/auditioned and then played a 5 night run on stage in a real pro. theatre...WOW!! i loved the play...which we ALL had a say in , as it was brand new..ie it had never been done before on stage....was great experience...done more ,wrote one myself...started an amateur drama group. Discovered that i quite fancied stand-up comedy...applied to a comedy club for 5 minute spot....wrote some funnies/rehearsed same ...went to comedy club to see other acts [ another FIRST for me ]..loved the club...done my 5 mins. and went back for more,love it..beyond my wildest dreams...ONCE i stopped the poor me's...and learned to grow up in the real world....p.s. had kids in between also.THE programme works .....life is fun...i even learned to laugh at me...thought for so long in meetings that i would'nt get 'it'...i did ...i have..if you feel this way...i suggest ...give the program YOUR best shot/s..thank you A.A.

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Postby sa » Sun Feb 14, 2010 6:51 am

This is a great topic ! I do for >fun> (I do not liek the word very much, too often used in a superficial way) things in nature. For me it´s important that I find ways to realx because >by nature > I am rather tense. It took me a long time to figure out that exercises and nature are good for me; that helps me to relax. So I do horse-back-riding or take long walks or do my jogy -exercises - all of this helps to keep me going and to relax.

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