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Postby Dallas » Mon Oct 09, 2006 12:13 am


I'm grateful to God, to Alcoholics Anonymous, to my sponsor, my dogs and for the help of many friends in AA, for my sobriety and the good life that I enjoy today!!! It's the best life I've ever had and it's the best life I've ever known!

Yesterday, last night... and this morning... I was on a 12 Step call with my best, most dependable and reliable A.A. friend... and we were calling on an alcoholic, who has a magnificent house, a great family, a host of friends, and that appears to have financial plenty and most everything that a sane person might want! It would appear that the only thing this alcoholic does not have is sobriety, peace of mind and serenity.

I looked at my 12 Stepper Buddy and acknowledged, "You know... I wouldn't want to trade my sobriety, and peace of mind and serenity... for all of this stuff! I may not have everything I want, but I have the most important things that I want... and I have everything I need. And, I sure am grateful for that!"


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Postby blueangel » Mon Oct 09, 2006 3:05 pm

I'm grateful for everything out there that keeps me sane and sober, even those drunks that are truly insane!

It always amazes me how the more we have in materials things, the more miserable we are. I can look back on my life and realize that the happiest times are when I'm broke and looking for gasoline and ciggarette money.

I treasure my twelve step buddy and our friendship that has evolved. It's pretty amazing how even though our lives were worlds apart that one thing in common, alcoholism, has formed a bond tight enough that We end up more like family than most blood kin out there. I can't count on much in this world but I can always count on God, and my 12 step buddy which is also my best friend. Neither of them ever let me down. :D

Have a great 24 everyone , Kay

Don G.
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Postby Don G. » Mon Oct 09, 2006 4:01 pm

I am very lucky. I have been sober for many years now and I live in the Sobriety Capital of the world. I have traveled all over the USA and many other countries attending meetings. NOTHING compares to California A.A.!

Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery. I am grateful for today. I am grateful for A.A.

If any newcomers are wondering if A.A. will work for the long-haul let me tell you that I was a sober member of A.A. when Dallas B. couldn't go for an hour and a half without a drink. (That's how long our A.A. meetings last here in California). He was just as intoxicated when he came to the meeting as he was when he left the meeting. One day something happened and he came back to A.A. sober and has been sober ever since. According to my memory (which is still pretty good) that has been at least twenty years ago and we are both still sober.

My message to you who are wondering if A.A. will work for you is to keep coming back. It will work if you work it! If you are sober do whatever you have to do to stay sober. If you are still drinking keep coming back until you figure out what you are doing that is keeping you from being sober. If you have a sincere desire to stay sober you will figure it out and you will be in the perfect place to do something about it.

Don G.

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Postby Tina L. » Mon Oct 23, 2006 3:30 pm

Hi Don. I think I met you. If its you I heard you speak recently at an aa meeting in the valley. u gave a wonderful aa talk.

Today I'm so greatful for so many things that my list would fill up the board here. It was not that way not too long ago. I did not have anything to be greatful about except to still be alive. I did not know that I could be clean and sober and that I would be happy about it. I did not know that I could be sober and still be alive. Alcohol kept me alive until I could get here and get help and find A.A. and God and my friends in aa and a life that is becoming better than anything that I could have planed for myself.

I am greatful for this website, for Dallas B., for AA, for my sponsor, for my many wonderful aa friends, for my sisters in sobriety, for my job, for my apartment, for my car, for gas to put in my car, for bottled water, for finding out the God is real and that God is a loving and caring God and that he cares about you and me and everyone on this planet. I am greatful for my health, my neice, my sister, and I am greatful that the sun came up today and that I was able to awaken to this great day with clear eyes and a clear head.

Thank you for letting me share. This is a great topic.

Tina. xoxoxo

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Postby Marty » Wed Apr 11, 2007 3:37 am


I am grateful to have stayed and waited for the miracle. I forgot how good life could be. They were right when they said don't aim too low, because some wonderful things happen in these rooms.

Aside from having many material things and people in my life, it is nice to sleep at night and wake up feeling like a human, right up on the hind legs like a big adult...

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