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Postby 918gma » Sun Nov 26, 2006 10:13 pm

It's been a while since I have touched base with all of you and for that I apologize. I am still sober and still growing and learning
I have recently retired from my job of 20 and a half years, and am looking forward to the next adventure. I will be going back to school and getting another job after the first of the year. It will be some thing totally different from what I have done so far.
I have a question to put out there and see what I get back. I have always valued the advise I get here and I guess that's why I am bringing this question here.
Say you are in Jail and you are going to an AA meeting. You walk through the door and there sits an ex-law enforcement person there to help chair the meeting. Are you offended. :roll: :shock: :oops: :roll:
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Postby Dallas » Mon Nov 27, 2006 4:04 am

Been a while? :shock: Understatement!!! :lol:

Nice to see you and I hope that all is going well and good for you.

No. I wouldn't be offended. Actually, it might have a positive impact on me. However, I wouldn't want to experiment to find out if I'm right. :lol:

I've got a question for you.

"What if" ... you were a prison guard... and you had custody of a felony inmate.... The inmate goes to A.A., in prison... does his time, gets paroled.... and 20 years later... the ex-inmate goes back to prison... except... this time, he is the Warden... and he's your boss... and you sit in an A.A. meeting with him.... and he's chairing the meeting. (Scenario from the A-Files :wink: ).

Would you feel uncomfortable?

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Postby Candy » Mon Nov 27, 2006 9:05 am

Are you wearing uniform? Are you wearing an ex cop badge? If you don't bring it up in the meeting then why would anyone know about it? I know some cops in AA and they are cool. One has arrested me before. If I was in the pokey I would rather be with cops in AA instead of drunk cops or cops who dont understand. How would an ex hooker feel at an AA meeting in a church with a priest chairing the meeting? How would a current hooker feel at the same meeting? We are in the meeting because we are alike more than we are different. We are alcoholic and we want to get better. I think its much-ado-about nothing. Just my thoughts on it. Candy.
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Thank you Guys

Postby 918gma » Mon Nov 27, 2006 8:19 pm

Your input helps. This is some thing I have wanted to do ever since I got sober, and now I can. No, I wouldn't be wearing a uniform, but after 20 years in the business, the subject is going to come up.
I think I could handle a recovering alcoholic for a boss. It would keep my head in the program for sure.
One of the things I realised even in sobriety is that I forgot once I went into work (the jail) who was in charge, I believed I was on my own. That was an illusion and today I know that. I would never have got through it if it had not been for a higher power protecting me from myself the whole way. He was and is an integral part of my life weather I want to believe it or not. I hope that I can carry this understanding with me into whatever he has planned for me next. :roll: 8) :lol: :shock: :o :!: :?:
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Postby musicmode » Sun Dec 03, 2006 8:47 am

My name is Anne 8) , I'm an alcoholic,

Okay guys...that's just not funny :P . Never mind...if ya didn't get it. I was a cell guard for the local police station for a year and a half. Now...I walk into a meeting room, & there are "familiar faces"...last time I saw them, all wired up & on their way to prison. Times' past & done for them, some out for good, some on parole/probation.. what are my thoughts? They're in the right place. My prayers are w/ them & I hope this program works for them. I pass my experience, strength & hope. What was a little alarming was, to be called in to work & there--a member of 15 years... picked up for drunk driving??? :? My heart just sunk. This case was a little different. Do I think anything less of him? Absolutely not. Do I go out & blab to the group, "guess who I saw in jail?" Also, absolutely not. Lucky for him, it was me on shift...in the sense that here was someone who understands. Not supposed to talk to the inmates, this time, I opened the slot & was willing to listen. He poured out his heart. I asked him if he wanted the BB, he did. He'd been struggling/drinking for a number of months...I had no idea..even saw him at meetings, none the wiser. One of the things he said to me was: I'll bet you sure think I'm low & disgusting. I said, no, I think you're an alcoholic...what do you think? This guy had 17 years, so I sensed a certainty that I could speak a little more bluntly than if he'd never been inside an AA room in his life. He took a deep breath & said, I can't believe I forgot that. He said his name, & said he was an alcoholic. I told him my name, & that I was an alcoholic. I told him not to worry about where he was...God put him in a safe place for the night, admittedly, it's not the Royal Hilton, but for that night, he was safe. Instead of reading, he wanted to sleep. Of course, the next morning, he was released...he asked the officer if he'd be allowed to have a smoke while he waited for his wife to come pick him up. Officer said there were no cigarettes in his affects...that was okay...I would give him one if he (the officer) didn't mind, cuz it'd be the officer who took him outside for a smoke. Officer had no problems. Thing of it is...every once in a while today...that member never forgot the compassion. I never once said anything to anyone in the program, for that's not my place to do so--but he has. He's been back in the program for 2 years now, on different footing than before.

I guess...I don't know what I'm tryin' to say??? There are times when we walk into these rooms--& we're gonna see someone who...??? Well....it's gonna be a little "odd"...but we treat them the same as anyone else in these rooms. We're all in these rooms for the same reason. We're alcoholics...how we get here--those paths are both varied, yet the same. The first time I walked into a room & saw someone who I'd drank w/ was...well..odd, but it a good sort-a way :wink: .

As a prison guard (which is what I'm schoolin' for, too), how much better are we going to be able to relate to the inmate who's in there for substance abuse. We can honestly tell him/her we've been there, & the honesty will touch them in a way that maybe it'll bring that person to the rooms after prison. It's a great forum to do 12 Step work...that's the "front-line". I've been able to say to individuals: I know you feel that this is the end of the line--being in jail, but consider this...what if it's the end of an old life, & the beginning of a new one? Consider this a time out to re-think how your life is going...is this what you wanted when you were 8-10 years old? I've seen the "light come on" in some--not all. The one guy left for prison almost a tad "too eager" to go. I'd told him that "we" can help ya, but ya gotta want it. When the transport came, he's askin' the guy if there's AA. Tellin' the cop, I know what got me here, I'm not gonna do this again. Some leave w/ that mind-set...then come right back again some time later. If we can help one person find their way, cool! But each one keeps me sober, cuz we gotta give it away to keep it.

Why am I not currently working for the local police service? Cuz I screwed up & slipped. Yes sir, gang...I gotta be the only person I know of who's tryin' to get back IN to jail.

Good luck, & let me know how it's goin' for ya.

Anne [/i]
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Postby musicmode » Sun Dec 03, 2006 8:55 am

Also...I have walked into a room, & there's not one but 2 law enforcement officers--all be it retired...the one...knew a cousin of mine just a "little too well, ehem :wink: :lol: . Whether they/we be law enforcement officers, janitors, mayors...if they're in these rooms...especially law enforcement or ex-law enforcement...I'd rather have a sober cop speedin' down the hi-way w/ his lights & siren goin' than a drunk one...& the one retired officer admitted to doin' just that a time or two. I happen to know of an officer who is extremely high up in command right now...I pray he stumble his way into our room. Luckily, he's above operating a patrol car...but he can't go anywhere w/out a flask. It's sad, cuz he's a nice guy, but 'crazy'...doesn't like it when one declines to have a drink w/ him (yes, yours truly), nor can he understand 'why' :? :wink:

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