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Postby SoberinSC » Sun Oct 21, 2007 7:23 pm

Most of the meetings I go to here are open meetings and as far as the folks who have another form of addiction we simply just say 'In keeping with our third tradition which states that the only requirements for membership is a desire to stop drinking, we ask that all who participate confine their discussion to their problems with alcohol' people respect it. Many will say I am an alcoholic and addict but because of how it is worded above, they keep their discussion to their problems with alchohol. The open meetings often have newcomers who are with a family member who wants to be there with them for support and to be a part of what they are experiencing, I always make it a point to meet them (the newcomers)to make them know they are welcome and hopefully they feel welcome and often am able to answer questions they might have about meetings and such and often times people who have other types of addiction go to AA meetings because NA is not as readily available in our area, it is growing though and we are able to help point folks in the right direction if they are interested.

I really wouldn't care if anyone saw me at a meeting that was just checking it out and not an alcoholic, I live in a place where the disease is rampant and chance's are they probably belong there anyway LOL but if it did bother me I would just go to closed discussion meetings :wink:

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