A & A in West Virginia

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A & A in West Virginia

Postby garden variety » Tue Oct 23, 2007 3:20 pm


I just got back from a nice trip to Virginia this weekend with my momma. She has some kin down there in Virginia, so we "went visitin'". The kin love to eat, but I got a little bored, so I looked for a meeting. Now we were in them thar' hills, so I had to go to the next state over to find a meeting, but there was one right when I needed it.

It was a discussion meeting in the good city of Bluefield, West Virginia. Make that Bluefield, West "by God" Virginia. Population 6,000 - SALUTE! It was, of course, in a church basement. The church was right across the street from the Police Station. And the Police Station was on the side of a hill. Man there is hills everywhere you look around there - I tell you what!

It was a smaller group - there was about 13-14 guys. They were some "gruff" looking fellers, and they all talked with that crazy accent. It's funny out here in Ohio, you get used to different dialects and ways people talk. Some kids around here use that "Ebonics" talk - both black and white kids. But out there - everybody sounded the same. It was just a funny thing listening to them talk - what a surprise when each one opened their mouth.

But they were a friendly bunch and we all were at home with each other. One guy said I was the first one he seen from Ohio. But they all knew where I came from was where AA all started. It really was great to go to a completely strange town that seemed like the other side of the earth, but we all have the same common bond. And just like it is around here, there was love and laughter in the room.

What a blessing it is to have a recovery program that is based on "attraction" and not "promotion".

So we read the preamble, "how it works", traditions, 24-hour reading, Reflections, and "As Bill See's it". Then it followed an open discussion. The guys talked about "going to the dentist" and how to be honest with our doctors about "pain pills" and prescriptions. One guy had brain cancer and was undergoing chemo.

It struck me as funny how every guy had a different story about his teeth and the dentist and "pain pills". I guess in certain areas of the country - certain things have a different priority. Now I don't ever recall here in northern Ohio, having a whole discussion meeting about teeth and sobriety. But the thing that was cool is that each guy was "determined" to go about getting his teeth fixed the right way because it was their responsibility because they were sober, and they let their teeth go bad while drinking and using. These guys had been "transformed" and realized they had something God gave them (their teeth) that needed to be cared for better. It was just a wild topic - but it made sense to be talking about it.

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