Written for and dedicated to a special friend

Experiences along the way that bring us closer to our Higher Power in 12 Step Sobriety and Moments of Clarity.
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Written for and dedicated to a special friend

Postby 918gma » Sat Feb 18, 2006 3:33 pm

As we grow stronger in our sobriety, and begin to reach out to other alcoholics, we become like an anchor in a storm.
The people we reach out to are like ships in that storm, and the chain is a combination of our experience strength and hope, combined with the program and our spirituality.
We must remember that as the ancor it is our job to stay firm and steady, for we can not waiver and move with the ship if we are to be of service at all.
If the chain slips off the ship and it becomes lost at sea again, then we must stay anchored untill the ship returns or another ship takes it's place. We can not be of any help to any one if we wavier, or follow the ship.

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