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Postby Dallas » Wed Jun 15, 2011 7:27 am

It's good that you read the one that you posted, here is the other one:

I thought we changed that one, for one that was later posted here in the forum, but evidently it got overlooked.

Here are some basic guidelines that we've adapted over time for the forum:

1. The book we refer to in the forum, is the book Alcoholics Anonymous unless there is a reference to a different book -- we try to stay away from other books, from any fellowship, other than the Big Book of AA.

2. We try to avoid referring to other "12 Step Fellowships" or other Anonymous Organizations (and their literature). We even try to avoid AA literature -- other than the Big Book. The reason is: having just one book for our reference or authority ... it keeps it simple, and directed.

3. We don't argue, and we try to respect people, even when we disagree w/ them. That's not always possible, but we try.

4. We go to great lengths to not criticize each other, AA or any other "A" and we try to not criticize medical or professional people or their institutions -- including religions, too.

5. We go to great lengths to keep our sharing "about ourselves and about our experiences" rather than sharing about someone elses experience (like the person who posted in a topic on the forum).

6. We always try to be nice to each other, kind, patient & as tolerant as we can -- as long as we still maintain some structure and discipline to the site and to the forum.

One thing that most people have to say, that's favorable about our forum is: we try to keep it focused on the topics, and we try to stay focused on the solutions... focused on recovery and not the problems. Sometimes, we'll have topics or posts about problems -- but, we try to keep it in a positive light, rather than criticize.

That's the general stuff and when we can keep to that, along with "the spirit" of the 12 Traditions -- everything seems to work out good.

sorry... I got a cast on my arm and I'm in the hospital... and a nurse is interrupting my post reply :lol: :lol:

The biggest rule we try to keep is: Rule #62

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Postby coffeewithmetoday » Thu Jun 16, 2011 6:07 pm

ok, sure thing. thanks. hope you get better.

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