Long winded sharing

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Long winded sharing

Postby Frananne » Thu Apr 12, 2012 9:45 am

I mentioned to my sponsor that someone in the meeting last night went on and on in sharing. Someone actually left during this person's sharing. My sponsor responded " principles before personalities" . I reread tradition 12 and do not think her response was actually on point this time.

It seems to me that even though we are trying to become better persons by practicing the steps that thinking someone should make a better attempt at the 3 minute sharing guideline is not insane thinking just pragmatic. I like to listen to people share at meetings. Their words often help me grow. I do not want to listen to one person for 10 minutes when there are 20 to 25 people in the room and the person is off topic. Comments???

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Re: Long winded sharing

Postby Dallas » Thu Apr 12, 2012 10:49 am

That's why I keep my long-winded sharing to here on the board and out of the meetings. At least here -- they can zip right past me and I don't slow anyone down.

I understand what you mean. Yep. I'm w/ you on that one. The only thing worse is: when the long-winded one keeps butting back in to share again and again and again, out of turn and out of place.

What do I do to help me cope w/ it? 1. First, I'll remember a quote from the front of the book, that goes something like "Many do not comprehend that the alcoholic is a very sick person." 2. When that doesn't work -- I just leave, like the person you mentioned that left. Unless the group has the willingness to keep structure in the meeting -- it doesn't seem to do any good to try to fix it.

Thanks for sharing. Nice to see you on the board today!


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