12 Traditions for Relationships

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Re: 12 Traditions for Relationships

Postby Toast » Fri Aug 24, 2012 7:28 pm


I'll never figure out how my relationship with my wife Anne has lasted over 30 years, the only thing we have in common is we were both married on the same day.

I'm a risk taker and Anne is totally risk averse, guess thats why our relationship works, we take it in turns to sit in the driving seat.

But if she thinks the risk i'm taking will result in some enjoyment for us both she is very supportive.

Previously i did a lot of stand up comedy, Anne was more terrified than me when i took to the stage but she was a very constructive critic of my performances. Plus she really enjoyed the free booze that was laid on for the comedians but being sober in AA i never touched it. Not that Anne's a big drinker, she's one of those wierdo's who can make one bottle of wine last a whole weekend?

Then again anytime i did have free booze it turned out to be the most expensive drink i ever had!

Be well

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