It's a good thing

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It's a good thing

Postby garden variety » Tue Jun 12, 2007 10:03 pm

I'm still a little closed-mouth about these things, but something in my gut tells me to share.

You know that girl I was talking about in another post - the one I said maybe she was a "grammar teacher". Well her and me have been seeing each other pretty steady over the past few months and it's really nice.

I wouldn't call her a "black-belt" in Al-anon, but she knows enough that regular meetings and working the program are what I need. She's met my sponsor and his wife, and she's a lot like my sponsor, and I'm a lot like his wife.

She's not an alcoholic either. I tell you that is a blessing I never knew about. I can rest knowing that she'll never get that "peculiar mental twist" and do the dumbest things when she drinks. I've seen her drink a half-glass of wine maybe once or twice. But she stops and says she don't like the feeling when it goes to her head - bless her heart! She's also real involved in healthy living and she gardens and is into organic ways of living which is real good for me to see and be a part of.

She really is a beautiful lady, too. She's tall about 5'9", pretty blue eyes, she lets her hair stay grey which it seems is premature. She looks a lot like Emmy Lou Harris, but I'd say she's prettier.

Funny thing is she's kinda crazy about me. We talk a lot and she is spiritual. She's not totally sure about me, but she says I really surprise her when I listen to what she says the first time. Like she suggested I go see a chiropractor when my back and knee were bothering me. I never went to a chiropractor before, but I thought for a few minutes and said why stay hurting if I don't have to. So I called the guy, went in to see him, he "aligned" me, and that took care of my back real fast.

We have "disagreed" on a couple things, but it was really strange because I found myself taking extra steps to listen to her side. Then when I needed to make myself clearer about something I said or the way I had a look on my face, I took extra steps to just stick to the truth without getting all emotional or sensitive. I haven't been "mad" with her or yelled or treated her mean at all, and it seems like that's real different for her. I can't find anything I don't really like about her, and really love being together with her.

Folks, this is fun like I've never had before. I mean it is a little bit of work keeping up my house and dogs and going to meetings, but its just a matter of planning and communicating - just being totally honest and practicing these principles. It's the easiest "relationship" I've ever been in before.

So I have to say thank you AA and the God of my understanding. This wasn't something I even planned or expected. but it sure is like a breath of fresh air.

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