I am on the road through sposorship

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I am on the road through sposorship

Postby 918gma » Fri Sep 09, 2005 4:37 am

I am so excited. I think I have my first sponcie.

I have much to do and much to learn, but I just had to share this with all of you.

I will rely heavily on the experiences strength and hope of being a sposer from all of you, so wake this forum up and help a baby out.

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Postby Dallas » Fri Sep 09, 2005 10:45 am

Before you get too excited...
See if she will call you for the second time!

Many are chosen... but few call!

When I was a newcomer, I didn't want any of the men's phone numbers. I grew up in Hollywood!!! And, I wasn't attracted to men! When the men gave me their phone numbers... I'd think "yeah, you little perv! I'll bet you would like it if I wanted what you have!"

For the one's who seemed legit, and like they really did want to help me... I would hang on to their phone number until I found another newcomer to give it to... and say "Hey, if you want help... call this guy!"

For the one's I didn't like... I was rude and crude... I would drop their number on the floor, look them in the eye and say something like "Do I look like I need your help? I don't want what you've got!" (At least I was being honest. Heck, I didn't want to stay sober for a long time, or risk becoming an old-timer!)

Now... the women's numbers... I'd go for that! I would listen to them before I would listen to another man!

It wasn't just because I "wanted what they had and was willing to go to any length to get it" (Even though, sometimes I wouldn't have turned it down if it were offered).... I felt like I could trust the women. Maybe it had something to do with growing up in Hollywood!!!

Now, I realize that I could have kept all the men's phone numbers and not been so rude about it. It's come to be expected that when a guy says "Hey will you be my sponsor?" ... and I say "yes" I'll usually never hear from him again.

It's usually the one's that I say "I don't know about that... here's my number. Call me at 4:16 tomorrow and we'll talk about it." If they call on time (if they call at all), it let's me know the guy may be serious about going to any lengths to get over drinking. If he isn't at that point, I usually find that it's a waste of his time and mine to continue working with him.

That's no brilliant insight on my part. I think the best way to learn to be a good sponsor... is to have one. The best way to help someone is to have been helped myself. It's by being sponsored, and being a good Pigeon, that I have anything that's worthwhile that will help someone else.

Thanks for letting me share, again!


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well she called

Postby 918gma » Sat Sep 10, 2005 3:49 am

And on time too. I just have a good feeling about this one. I will bide my time and do my part. Remember to keep my emotions out of it. (as best I can) I'm going to get out of the computer and get some home work done.l Theres things I need to go over in the book. I want to do the first three steps asap. Then work on four.

Any advice is appreciated. I will check back on line later. Right now I need to study.

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I understand

Postby 918gma » Tue Sep 20, 2005 6:06 am

Now I'm begining to understand what my sponsor has always told me. She always thanks me for calling nad tells me that I got her head out of self. I never really thought about it or understood it until now.

Being there for some one else has really keep me in focus and kept me out of my own head. I am grateful for the concept of sponsorship. It's just another tribute to the perfection of the program.

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newbie sponser'n

Postby Rusty Zipper » Tue Sep 20, 2005 8:01 pm

afternoon 9! consider this post open again. i have to go to Detox meets right now. Dallas right about have'n a good one to learn from. carry the message! well if a lousy message. what can you pass on? i good one to ask about get'n involved with sponsees. when have time. will tell you about the Slipper, the Loafer, the Sneaker, and the Intilect.... woe brother, luky i no drink :roll: expectations, do not have any! ..................... good wishes 9 xo PC

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