West Sand Lake, NY

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West Sand Lake, NY

Postby tim-one » Thu Dec 17, 2009 8:51 am

Hey, y'all,

I have a sponsee moving to W. Sand Lake, NY just east of Albany. I'm helping him find groups there.

Problem - He's nearly disabled and can't drive. We've found one group there with only 2 meetings a week. He needs MANY more than that right now.

We've exhausted all of the internet resources we know of ... aa.org, aa-ny, Intergroup, etc. and associated links.

Anybody familiar with the area? He needs a group, maybe a volunteer to help get him to meetings, a SPONSOR, and all the AA environment he can get.

Thanks for your rightful concern and help on his behalf.

PMs are welcome.


PS: I'm astounded. WSL looks like a major highway hub near Albany. Intergroup is in NY. Yet groups appear to be very sparse in the area. But I believe! I just KNOW there are more that aren't publicated on the net.

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