Prepare to smile and WAVE !

Original poems that are specifically recovery related
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Prepare to smile and WAVE !

Postby tim-one » Wed Jun 24, 2009 9:29 am

Another poym redeemed.
Well, not really redeemed, just redirected with a few word changes.

I wrote this while I was schmoozing my wife. We met on the internet and dated long distance between Dallas (me) and Houston (her) for about a year. I finally had to move my fanny down here and marry the girl up. Second best decision of my life. :wink:

I MADE that girl love me. She didn't have a chance. 8) She told me later it was my (prolific) poyms that got her. And that I'm unreasonably good lookin'. :P

Now this poym means a great OTHER deal to me:

The Tide

The first wave hit me and leveled me down
The next wave came and I thought I would drown
He washed over me like the incoming tide
He just kept coming till I smothered and died
I flat on the beach, each wave still advanced
O’er and under my body, back and forth they danced
The sand washed out and rushed back as I tarried
In no time at all I was totally buried
The more that I struggled, the tighter it bound
Helpless, encased, no air, no sound
Cut off from the world, it’s distracting appeal
Entombed in His love, there was no repeal
It happened so sudden, I fainted, I numbed
Without a defense, I so quickly succumbed
To the unending onslaught like light from the skies
Of the grace and the beauty of His sight in my eyes


PS: See? You can sing love songs to HP. If you sing like me ... keep it in the car. :roll: Good for me. I can sing "ungodly" loud there. :D

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Postby Dallas » Wed Jun 24, 2009 3:07 pm

Talented Tim!! :wink:
Boy, you sure got talent!

I'm glad to see that you've removed the blockage from your heart to your head -- and allow that stuff to come up from your heart to your head -- so that you can express it and share it with us.

Now, you got me crying, dang it!

Just being conscious -- and aware -- of how wonderful I've been blessed to be right here with all of you on this forum!

For me, it's like watching Chapter 11 Vision For You in action.

Thank you Tim, and thank all of you -- for the blessings that you bestow on me by sharing yourselves!

I was just sitting here reading the above and thinking about how cool it is to be surrounded by you all -- and to have the opportunity and privilege for me to be here, sober... sane... reasonably happy... as a result of my Fellowship with you all. God is really Good!


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