Distric 8 Roundup in Vermont

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Distric 8 Roundup in Vermont

Postby GaryK » Thu Jul 02, 2009 9:15 pm

Hey Y'all

Iffin your up in this neck of the woods come the 16th of August, District 8 is puttin on it's annual Roundup at Townsend State Park on the West River in Beautiful Uptown Townsend Vt. right of Rt. 30.

The Ho-Down starts at 8 am with Breakfast, BBQ goin all day with Ribs, Burgers, Corn, and all the fixins.
Meetings every hour on the hour.
Swimmin, Volleyball, yadda, yadda, goes till dusk.

I'm thinkin No Pets.

Good Time for Sober Fun, Fellowship, and relaxation.


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