September in AA History

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September in AA History

Postby GeoffS » Tue Sep 01, 2009 10:52 pm

Sep, Dr Bob entered the Summer St Elementary School in St Johnsbury, VT

Sep, Dr Bob (age 15) entered St Johnsbury Academy.
Bill W’s parents, Emily Griffith and Gilman Wilson, were married

Sep, Bill W’s father, Gilman (after earlier having a bitter argument with Emily) took Bill on a late-night buggy ride and asked him to take good care of his mother and sister and be good to them. The next morning Bill’s sister Dorothy told him their father had gone away. Prior to this there were extended absences of Bill’s mother, Emily, described sometimes as “nervous breakdowns.â€

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Postby Dallas » Wed Sep 02, 2009 2:40 pm

Thanks for posting this info GeoffS. I really do appreciate you, and I'm sure that many others do as well.

My alcoholic humor: (I think the Aussie's spell it humour?),

I was reading above and noticed -- that Bill and Lois became secretly got engaged to each other on: Sept. 11, 1915

a. Sept. 11th has become known for, and referred to in US History as one of the most tragic events of our history. (Getting into relationships has become known as what can become tragic events in the lives of alcoholics and Al-Anons.) :lol:

b. Bill & Lois became secretly engaged to each other: Knowing the alcoholic and the Al-anon thinking: I wonder who's secret it was... we're they keeping it a secret from each other? (Alcoholics and those who love them: often take hostages rather than spouses! Alcoholics have been known to get into relationships with others -- and the others have no idea that a secret relationship is going on! ) :lol:

c. At first reading... I read it like this:

"On Sept 11, 1915 Bill W and Lois got secretly engaged with each other -- and -- in Sept 1927 -- "on the way home from a seven year proposal", (alcoholics never do it the simple way) via a geographic to Miami Beach (drinking & taking trips or no trips...) -- Bill saw his dad and met his half-sister, and when they finally got back to NY, Bill rented a three-room apartment in Brooklyn... (hey! come on friends, family & fellow drunks! I've got room for you all! Just bring your bottles and move right in!) which wasn't big enough for Bill (grandiosity)... so he rented the place next door, too! (A disease called more!) :lol:

Reality check: Yeah... okay. I know it probably didn't happen just the way I thought of it -- but, I sure got Imagination!!! :lol:
"Got Imagination?" :lol:

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