Perspective vs Perception. When turning it over doesn't work

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Perspective vs Perception. When turning it over doesn't work

Postby Dallas » Fri Sep 11, 2009 5:28 pm

Perspective vs Perception

I just noticed this in another thread and want to comment on it here.

Perspective is what I see based upon the angle that I'm seeing it.

Perception is my understanding of what I see.

Two different things.

My perspective (the angle that I'm looking at something) determines what I see and how I see it. This is why I'll see things differently than how others might see it. Often, we're not looking at something from the same angle, so we'll see the same thing differently. Like witnesses seeing an accident. It can cause arguments. Fights. Resentments. Anger. Because we saw the same thing from different angles -- and for each of us, "we're right", based on the angle that we saw it. The fight takes place when two or more people demand on their right to be right... rather than opting for the right to be happy rather than right. :wink:

My perceptions is my understanding of what I see. And, since things can change based on the angle that I'm seeing them -- perspective -- my understanding can often be wrong.

My sponsor told me often: "Alcoholism is a disease of perception." It took a while -- but, then I finally understood what he was saying to me.

It's my understanding (my thinking) about what I see, do, or feel -- that gets screwed up. My Ego then wants to prove to me that my understanding is correct -- when it isn't correct at all.... My Ego just wants me to be right about it.... because "it's mine."

Unfortunately, my understanding of what I'm seeing or experiencing -- causes me to feel guilt, loneliness, anger, remorse, resentment and fear, sad, depressed, and personally inadequate.

Fortunately, my understanding (my perception of what I see or what I experience) can also make me feel good, happy, joyous, free, loving, tolerant, patient, grateful, excited, inspired.

I believe this is why Bill Wilson, wrote: "To get over drinking requires a transformation of thought and attitude" -- and the Appendix in the back of the BB, refers to "Spiritual Awakening or Spiritual Experience" as the something -- that produces a change in the personality (psyche) that allows an alcoholic like me, to achieve and maintain sobriety.

I also learned that: "Turn it over does not mean give it to God."

What? Am I a heretic? An athiest? A detractor? No. Not at all.

You see -- whatever it is that I "give" to God -- God gives right back to me, in greater measure. This is why some religions teach the lesson of tithing. What you give to God -- is returned to you -- a hundred fold. The Law of Attraction. The Law of Seeding and Harvest. What I give -- regardless of what I give and how I give it or to whom I give it -- gets returned to me. Karma? I don't know. I just call it "giving and receiving." And, I believe it's also why we're instructed in the BB, that "Our guiding principle becomes giving rather than receiving"... so we better keep a check on ourselves... in regards to what it is we are giving! :wink:

If turn it over -- doesn't mean -- turn it over to God -- then, what does it mean to me?

Simple. It's what this topic is about. Perspective vs Perception.

"To turn it over -- means to look at the other side of it."

What? Yep. "If you change your perspective (the angle you are seeing something from) -- it will change your perception (what you understand about what you see, feel or experience).

This is precisely where the 12 Steps come to the rescue.

Through the 12 Steps, I learn "how to change the angle that I'm seeing something from" (perspective) -- but, learning it -- doesn't help me.

By "doing" (taking the 12 Steps) and then "using" (practicing what I learned to do through actions) -- my perspective get's changed and I learn what actions I can take to continue to change my perspective.... as needed.

When life isn't working for me, when I'm angry, resentful, afraid, remorseful, depressed, full of anxiety -- I have a solution. Use the 12 Steps and allow them to change my perspective.

Once my perspective has been changed (the angle that I'm looking at something) instantly my perception will change.

This is also why I believe that the series of talks by Chuck C., that was printed in a book -- was titled "New Pair of Glasses." :wink:

By using the 12 Steps to produce "Spiritual Awakenings" -- it changed how we look at ourselves, at God, at others, and at the world around us.

When it changed "how we were looking at things" it changed our personality, our attitudes and our thinking.

These "certain course of actions" results in "Changing our Perception" ... which means... even though the circumstances or situations that we face did not change... we can now experience them with peace, and serenity, and with a new attitude.... that is helpful to us -- rather than harmful to us, and those about us.

The next time that "turning it over to God" doesn't work for you -- or, if what you keep turning over keeps coming back to you -- try the Steps. They are God's tools -- that He has given us -- to make changes in ourselves and in our lives.

This also helps us to adjust to the principles of: "being personally responsible and accountable for my own experience." And, to be "self-supporting through my own contribution."

I have to do the work. God gave me the tools to equip me to do the work. And, now the ball is in my court. What I do with it -- is up to me.


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Postby DiggerinVA » Sat Sep 12, 2009 9:45 am

This is a practice of Empathy. Looking at where the other person or situation is at the point in time. Not an act of sympathy, but actually attempting to place your self in the other situation. Seeing the other side totally. Not to say I will be able to actually see it. But to actually try and view the others perception.

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Postby sunlight » Sun Sep 13, 2009 9:36 pm

I cannot emphasize enough how taking the steps truly alters your perception and perspective!

I have taken the steps 3 times formally, with 3 different sponsors, not only because I felt that I needed to at the time, but also because the change in my "vision" and behavior was so exciting that I wanted more!

Today I take everything through the steps. The 10,11,12 tango is vital to my new way of seeing.

A situation that used to irritate the heck out of me is now an opportunity to be helpful. The person I couldn't stand is now someone I can learn from and thank for helping me. The changes continually floor me. It's almost like proving scientifically to myself that there IS a Higher Power Who truly transforms me!

But, I have to stick with it. I can't collapse and cave in and give up. I have to use the tools I've been given when the going gets tough and the rubber hits the road and life's terms are not the color or flavor I ordered! :lol:

Then, I arrive on the other shore with a totally new way of seeing and being. Wowee-Zowee! :shock:

This is something you can try at home folks! :lol:

But, I recommend a sponsor or spiritual advisor your first go around. I myself will never out-grow my sponsor, but she isn't always available. This is where the fellowship and step 11 are indispensable. I learn from others' perspectives, and step 11 helps me to listen for the intuitive thought that accompanies my new glasses, binoculars or telescopes!

They always told me to stick around till the miracle happens, and that the miracle happens inside me.

I'm here to tell you that the miracle never stops happening. :D

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Postby ccs » Sun Sep 13, 2009 11:07 pm

(((((((((Sunlight)))))))))) thanks for the post

Girl I miss you !!!!!!! how are ya ?

luv ya Cess

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Postby Ranman99 » Tue Sep 15, 2009 3:09 am

Yup yup yup. I just posted on another thread but I am getting a little bit more amazed how I can have better perception and perspective on my own experience. I know that our experience is only good for two things. One hopefully I can learn from it. Two when I share it hopefully someone else can avoid it, or learn from it or be inspired whatever. It's pretty useless all in all if I don't do something with it.

I liked what I read here is a just EXPERIENCED a concrete example as I said on the other thread where HP activity just tee'ed up the ball and then I had to do a bit of reasearch and reach out to someone to see if they needed help because I just had that feeling that maybe they did and funnier stuff has happened lately.

The biggest thing I suppose is that due to an experience while thinking of step 9 regarding someone that had passed and then being more willing on step 3 because of that and then starting to practive 10, 11, 12 and then well ... you get the picture. The biggest thing that has changed is my perception and perspective on life in general has taken a real shift. I really was not expecting that to happen.

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