Flashforward (new tv show)

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Flashforward (new tv show)

Postby ccs » Fri Oct 02, 2009 12:19 am

just wondering if any one has seen it Flashforward on thur.night before Grays Anatomy (CBS)

one of the main characters is an alcoholic in A.A. the first two episodes have shown him at a meeting and have shown him & his sponsor getting together outside of the rooms
I think that I think its pretty kool to see someone on tv working the program
the sponsor guy really sounds like one ! and the sponsee is probably one of the heroes of the show and I really like the idea of the show itself (SCI FI Cop trying to save the world ) and he`s a sober alcoholic! that is if he stays that way :)

but what about A.A. and is the show (even though its fiction ) breaking traditions???

it really is a kool show ( I like it)

what are your thoughts????

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Postby Dallas » Fri Oct 02, 2009 7:53 am

It's great exposure that can plant a positive seed, not only for new prospects, but for the old ones, that have lost touch with the Fellowship.

It's not surprising how often AA becomes part of a script. Many in the Entertainment Industry are very close to us. :wink: And, many of the writers, producers, directors, actors, and back-ground people -- are familiar with AA and can relate with their own actual experiences.

I used to attend some meetings in Hollywood and Studio City, that were primarily studio people... a couple of the meetings were actually held on the studio lot, because people couldn't get away from work to attend a meeting.

AA has been good to and for the Entertainment industry, and casinos, and bars, and even factorys, too! :lol:

I'm having a hard time waiting for "24" to return!!! That's my most favorite show of all time! I'm not a guy that watches much TV... but I try to never miss Beck & 24! And, I only watch Fox News, when it comes to the news. :lol: (Yes. Many of my Hollywood friends do hold that against me!) :lol:


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