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January in AA history

Postby GeoffS » Sun Jan 03, 2010 5:43 pm

Jan 2, Bridget Della Mary Gavin (Sister Ignatia) was born in Shanvilly, County Mayo, Ireland.

Jan 2, Harry Morgan Tiebout was born in Brooklyn, NY

Jan, Bill W failed nearly every mid-year exam and was forced to drop out of school

Jan 25, after a 17-year courtship, Dr Bob and Anne Robinson Ripley married in Chicago, IL. They took up residence at 855 Ardmore Ave, Akron, OH.

Jan, Lois moved to Short Hills, NJ to teach at a small private school her Aunt Marian started in her home.

Jan, Frank Buchman met Sam Shoemaker in Peking (now Beijing) China. Shoemaker had a spiritual conversion experience and became a devoted member of Buchman’s First Century Christian Fellowship.
Jan, Lois left her Aunt Marian’s School in NJ. (
Jan 24, spurred by rumor that Bill W might soon go overseas, he and Lois were married at the Swedenborgian Church in Brooklyn, NY. The wedding date was originally Feb 1. Lois’ brother Rogers Burnham was best man. Bill’s last stateside posting was at Ft Adams near Newport, RI.
Jan, the 18th amendment to the US Constitution, for the prohibition of alcohol, was ratified
Jan, Bill W wrote to Lois “There will be no booze during 1927.â€

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