Original poems that are specifically recovery related
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Thank You

We came here with broken spirits
Emptiness engulfed our souls
The road to happiness had long disappeared
There was nowhere left to go.

We did the best we could
With what we had
Though sad it is very true
The tears we shed were tears of shame
That’s all we knew to do.

Fear engulfed our every breath
We were hollow to the bone
Being faced with a cold reality
We were standing all alone.

With no direction in which to turn
We got down on our knees
We asked to be relieved of this alcohol demon
Dear god would you help us please.

He guided us to the rooms of change
And he taught us how to live
He showed us the secret to a happier life
What we were taught
We would freely give.

Now my life is joyous and free
But what I really want to say
To Dr. Bob, Bill W. and the rest of you
Thank you for my life today.
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Thank YOU!

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