Character Defects / Seventh Step Prayer

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Character Defects / Seventh Step Prayer

Postby Bensober » Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:55 am

As the big chisel keeps knawing and molding on me this is the latest "Seventh Step Prayer" I've been attempting in my daily dicipline. Just throwing it out for others... may be useful. But also would welcome some critiques and input on dealing with character defects on a daily basis....anyone?

7th Step Daily Prayer
Ben H.

My Creator, I am willing that you should have all of me:

Focus on and build my relationship to YOU.
My creator I turn my will and life over to your care daily.

Set limits for my recovery, no more fixing behavior, practice humility,
don’t put off what can be done NOW! Face my fears, say and do the hard
things that need to be said and done, be available to all surroundings in my life.
My creator I inherit your will and your strength and slow my actions down in your
peace, I choose to say no or yes, I realize where I may be of assistance or not,
be available to people, places, and things that need my attention.

I know that you have begun to make the changes in me that I may make change
in these areas of my life. Remove from me all that block me from being who
I really am. Truly make me useful to you and my fellows.
Grant me the strength to go out from here do and practice obedience to
your commands and will.


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