Original poems that are specifically recovery related
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When I first walked in here
I felt tattered and beyond repair
The empty shell of a once proud man
That was driven by a life of fear.

I didn't think I could ever belong here
The room was full yet I felt all alone
How could I share all my feelings
When I was so afraid of all the unknown.

I listened to all your stories
I heard words being spoke from the heart
I laughed at some of the escapades
From my own I couldn't tell them apart.

Day after day I kept coming back
Sometimes I never knew the reason why
There where moments of clarity occasionally
But there where still moments that I wanted to die.

You said you would love me till I could love myself
I'd never heard anything so profound
But you also said if I didn't stop drinking
In the glass I would surely drown.

I had spent so many years searching
For the love I have found in these rooms
To feel something other then turmoil and pain
Was an escape from a life of doom

I finally have an understanding
I have a craving beyond my control
It's a total physical dependence
That takes over my body and soul.

The only relief I have ever found
Was in the life I found in here
No longer am I tattered and beyond repair
Or controlled by a life of fear.

Rick Lamp © copyrighted 2010

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