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Your Eyes

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Your Eyes

Postby rlamp404040 » Wed Jul 21, 2010 2:34 pm

Your Eyes

When I looked into your eyes
I saw emptiness inside,
A hollow blank expression
So overwhelming you couldn't hide.
Your actions caused confusion
Your words no longer had weight,
The people that had always been close to you
No longer could they relate.
You chose a path down a scary road
And you lost all sense of control,
You made a pact with the devil below
And he emptied out your soul.
You found a place when you had nothing left
No more bridges left to burn,
Spiritually bankrupt and full of fear
With nowhere left to turn.
This place gave you hope and understanding
And it relieved the pain inside,
You got a sponsor and worked the steps
And your pain soon started to subside.
You began to know a freedom
As you walked into the light,
Your voice was shrill with excitement
And you felt a since of delight.
In time you will come to posses
The gift that we have found,
No longer feeling alone
You will stand on common ground.
When I look into your eyes
And I see the life that you have found,
It's a reminder of your life before
Alcohol took you down.

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