The Fellowship of The Spirit

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The Fellowship of The Spirit

Postby Dallas » Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:33 pm

In recovery, we try to take the opposite of our character defects/shortcomings and turn them into principles. For example, we work to change fear into faith, hate into love, egoism into humility, anxiety and worry into serenity, complacency into action, denial into acceptance, jealousy into trust, fantasizing into reality, selfishness into service, resentment into forgiveness, judgmentalism into tolerance, despair into hope, self-hate into self-respect, and loneliness into fellowship. Through this work we learn to understand the principles of our program.

By the time we experience the Awakening of Step 12, we're living in the world of the Spirit. While maintaining our memberships in individual groups, organizations, and society -- now, we have become a part of a much larger group. We are now members in The Fellowship of The Spirit.

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