Your opinion is requested

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Your opinion is requested

Postby tim-one » Sun May 31, 2009 12:41 pm


All newcomers are told that faith in a Higher Power they understand is of utmost importance. I am convinced that it is of paramount import. It is written that sobriety is very near impossible without an HP.

Yet there seems to be a great reluctance among us to help with the search for fear of being too persuasive in one direction or another.

I have a desire to be helpful to those who have trouble finding their Higher Power. I don't care who or what that Power is and I am not inclined to promote mine to a suffering, conflicted mind. Only to help think it through. I am unshakeably convinced of mine, but I am not jealous or zealous in AA context.

I am asking for your opinions regarding another forum here; Something like "Finding your Higher Power" wherein we can discuss the thought processes we struggled with to break through our own resistance. It's a personal, very individual struggle (An internal "Holy War", if you will). I imagine many of us went through different, yet fairly common considerations.

1. Do you think such a forum would be helpful?
2. If not why not?
3. If so, please suggest forum rules that would make the forum more useful or that would limit misuse. Any concerns?

I can only guess it likely that everyone has an opinion about this.

If you have an opinion, but don't want it publicly shared, you can PM me. I promise your anonimity in this forum.

Thank you very much. God bless you one and all.


PS: I've posted this question in various forums. Please only respond in one forum to save site space. Or PM me. I'll keep my inbox cleared regularly. Thanks.

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Higher power reply

Postby Paybacks are Heaven » Sat Jul 31, 2010 4:51 am

This is a touchy subject, and for some of us, the debate of God/Higher Power/My God or else/My God can beat up your god/your Higher Power is not the all in one/etc. and on and on has been raging like a stormy tempest with people in our life. It is a power struggle.

Personally, when it became personal, my Higher Power, with no attachment, guilt, baggage, I owned it and it was mine, then it became a Power.

When others try to push an agenda, it usually fails.

When many see it is inside themselves, a part of themselves, personal, intrinsic, not some "out there" kinda thing, my opinion only, then it works for some of us.

I was taught later that it was mystical, unknown, unknowable, unfathomable, beyond human description, yet easily grasped by a mind willing to accept it, just open up to it and it appears, POOF! It was that simple and a lifeline, some say a silver cord, a connection was made.

Sorry to preach, it was preaching and guilt and bashing and brainwashing that got me into this mess, and letting go, opening up.

OK< the topic was, is a forum needed. I say yes, only if it is respectful. My point, proselytizing, adding religion, adding an agenda, sorry, that is what harmed me, all the "junk" attached, yet if you can do what others did for me, just open up the spot, invite Higher Power in, yes.

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Postby Dallas » Sun Aug 01, 2010 4:37 am

Thanks for sharing. And, welcome to the site! My experiences seem to have been very similar to yours. It's nice to discover when I'm not as unique as I sometimes think that I am.


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