Original poems that are specifically recovery related
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If you want a freedom from self pity
And you no longer want to live with the lies
If you're painstaking in your footwork
You will never again have to wear a disguise.

If you want the freedom and happiness
That comes when we begin to change
Half way through your Journey
You will no longer have to feel estranged.

If you want a freedom from insecurity
And you want to lose interest in selfish things
Grab your ass and hold on for the ride
And find out what sobriety will bring.

If you want a freedom from the usefulness
That controlled our every thought
Get a sponsor and work all the steps
You might find the answers that you've always sought.

If you want the freedom from alcohol
Because you're tired of living in all that pain
Let God do for you what he has done for us
And you will never have to drink again.

Rick Lamp © Copyright 2010

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That's some front page material Rick! i hope you don't mind.

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