Made a decision to turn our will & our lives over to God

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Made a decision to turn our will & our lives over to God

Postby ATL-Male » Wed Jan 11, 2006 4:02 am

So who are we to put the brakes on a relationship if god puts one in front of us. Regardless of how much time we have?

As long as our motivations and actions are rooted in the principles, then why not?


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Postby recoveredbygrace » Mon Jan 16, 2006 10:19 pm

well,it does me good to see that it is God and not my well wishes
that puts a relatiuonship in front of me..what do I have to bring into a relationship?The same old defects of character I brought before?Do i have new stuff to bring that will enrich it or is it all about what I can get out of it?

Time and working the program -it`s about me being Mr Right for the woman God has for me,in HIs time,not me looking for Mrs Right in my time

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Postby fourthdementia » Tue Feb 07, 2006 2:56 am

I like how the book directs us in this touchy area. We put it to a it selfish or not? The opinion of not being in a relationship for a year is not in my book, and I have really looked hard for it. What about the drunks already in a relationship prior to finding the solution. Sorry honey, I 'll call you when.... I hope the ignorence found in such opinions is due to the lack of studying the book because that can be easily eradicated by studying the book, the basic text. I f you are willing to go to any length to find a spiritual experience by the means of following the directions in the book you might, or might not be in a a postion to be in a healthy relationship...just take the sane sound sex idea test! That simple. ALMOST 3 years sober and I have experienced my share of emotional entanglements and you know what...? i do not regret neither the pain nor the joy of it all. Being willing to apply the program exactly how it works as described in the book, my experineces, all of them, have shaped me into the man that I am today. And I love me. To thine own self be true and take the test. It works, it really does,

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Postby musicmode » Tue Feb 07, 2006 4:59 am

How's it goin' all? My name's Anne, I'm an alcoholic,

For me, I go by one question: How will this affect my sobriety? Ya, I can go along with how well do you got your own program together...for well is the other person? What's my own motive? What's the other's motive? The BB, the steps, the spiritual angle (for me) are the cement, I wanna be sure the cement is set good enuff. I'm very protective of my serenity...I don't wanna drink...but how might another affect my serenity, and sobriety. I don't gotta drink to activate this disease. Sometimes, another can be like water drippin' on a drips and natters at ya long enuff, a groove begins to wear, & before ya know it, you're wrapped up in the disease, & you're not the one drinkin'. The insanity begins to work it's way in...cunningly, and yes...very baffling. The insanity (for me) is that by the time I clue in that I'm not in a real serene state, the ole ticker has taken on a brain of its own. I've seen those stronger than I in this program, longer in the program, solid in step-work get involved with a newcomer, the newcomer's a mess...but...away we go anyway ###'s short, take a ####...the one example I think of...within a month, the guy became a little freyed 'round the edges to start with, month later, realized that he was just a walkin' wallet & a hidin' place. Took him a while to recover from that, while she-went back out when he told her no more. To each their own, live & learn, let go & let God...but, be careful...relationships too soon can be a gamble for anyone at anytime, but for us ###'ve heard, seen...and...experienced :oops: ####..that gamble might not be one that's worth the roll (no pun intended). We deal with a disease that's cunning, baffling and powerful, right? How often I've heard, if it is what you think/feel...a year should only make it better. ---and, I gotta add, as if I know what I'm talkin' about...I'm goin' thru my own emotional entanglment myself. Think I'm more or less tryin' to make sense of a current situation by talkin' out a whole bunch-a stuff that don't make sense. See ya in the funny papers, kids. Annie 8)

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