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AA Roommate/Privacy

Postby vanik3 » Wed Oct 07, 2009 3:42 pm


I'm currently living with a friend of mine that had a recent problem with drinking and it affecting his relationships. A different friend talked to him a few nights ago and he's been distraught about it since.

Today in the mail I received a big envelope with AA literature (addressed to "resident"). I'm not sure if perhaps my roommate recently attended a meeting and requested some information or if this is something just handed out (I assume not).

I don't want to ask him about it because a) it might not be his and I don't want him to be insulted, b) if it is his, it kind of defeats the purpose of being anonymous..

Any ideas on how I should go about this?

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Postby Dallas » Thu Oct 08, 2009 2:50 am

If your friends name isn't "resident" I don't think there would be an anonymity issue. AA doesn't, of it's own, send out anonymous packages of literature. Perhaps, someone has observed that your friend may have a problem with alcohol and they were kind enough to gather some literature and mail it to the friend. It sounds like it might be useful.

The first time I saw AA type literature: I was in a laundramat at 3 am in the morning, drinking and watching the dryers go around. I got up to put another quarter in the dryer -- and when I got back to my chair, someone had placed a panphlet in it with "20 Questions to help you decide if you're alcoholic." I laughed and criticized the brochure at the time and whomever placed it there... but the idea never left my head. Many, many years later, I realized someone was trying to help save my life. And, now, whoever it was -- I sure do appreciate them.


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Postby Rain » Fri Oct 22, 2010 3:06 pm

I haven't thought about this before, but what a good thing to do.

Mail or leave some literature for someone....

What a nice idea.

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Postby Larry H. » Fri Oct 22, 2010 10:25 pm

This alcoholic read stuff like that provided no one was watching.

Torwards the end of my drinking I did not think I was an alcoholic but I did have doubts starting that something was not right about my drinking.

I started reading everything I could get my hands on in an attempt to prove I was not one of them. Back in the 70's Readers Digest ran articles on alcoholism frequently. I of course had an honorable reputation as a liar, thief and drunk to protect so I was always careful to be unobserved while reading.

The first time through the 20 questions I answered about 18 of the questions in the affirmative. Being the typical alcoholic I decided since I answered no to 2 of the questions it was definate proof that I did not have a problem. However like Dallas said I remembered the list each time I did one of the actions described. Reading certainly helped me to accept my condition and get to AA sooner than I would have.

Alcohol, cunning, baffling and powerfull!!

Insanity is hereditary, I get it from myself

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Postby Dallas » Sat Oct 23, 2010 1:11 pm

I'm grateful for any type of media that distributes information about alcoholism.

I remember towards the last of my drinking, with the holidays approaching, the morning news-talk shows were having celebrity people on their shows that were talking about things like their drinking and how they went to some sort of 12 Step organization and got help.

Funny how things work out! I remember three of the celebrities on their shows specifically, because I used to drink w/ them! :lol: And, as I'd watch the show I'd think "Awww, there's no way that guy had a real problem -- heck I always drank more than he did!" :lol:

Then, at the same time, Forest Lawn Cemetary and Funeral Homes, were running radio ads that went something like "If you've been drinking and you're driving -- and feel like you've you've drank too much, please drop in and have a cup of coffee with us! Might as come in and meet us and get to get to know us now -- chances are, you'll be coming in to meet us anyway!"

That radio ad would go off in my head with each drink that I'd have! I credit their ad with 95% of the message that got me to call AA! (It might have been the whole 100% reason! ).

All these sober years later -- I've intended to write them a letter of thanks -- I believe I better get that letter out to them this year -- before I meet them anyway! :lol:

I'm all for anything -- regardless of how intelligent or unintelligent that it may sound -- that will carry a message to an alcoholic to get help!

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