- I'm sober and I want to drink

I'm sober and I want to drink

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Postby Dallas » Wed Aug 17, 2011 3:03 pm

I wonder if we lost Donna.

Donna??? Are you there? Hello! :lol:

I hope she's there. Maybe she's just reading.
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Postby Toast » Sat Aug 20, 2011 6:18 am

Having never thought about a drink for many, many years two weeks ago i found myself on holiday in Egypt shut up in my room with a bad case of dysentry. There was no AA meetings where i was staying. For 2 days i nursed this terrible tummy ache, couldnt sleep and couldnt socialise with my family and friends who were there with me. Slowly but surely i had shut myself off from the world. Isolation had set in and i was feeling lonely, tired and full of self pity. :(

Then one night in the middle of this tremendous pain i was crying out 'if only i could get some sleep or get something to take this pain away' i had what i would call an alcoholic brainwave, VODKA! That was the best answer i could come up with, that would surely take my pain away? :shock:

Thankfully it was only a fleeting thought, i got rid of it soon as and dragged myself up to the internet cafe to share it with my buddies back home where i got some good support and advice. :)

I was told to take some action to change my mood, so i dragged myself out of bed and got out into the sunshine of the spirit and became part of the human race again. 8)

That was a good reminder to me that no matter now long i'm sober i'll always be a patient in this fellowship, never cured. Sober through Gods grace on day at a time :lol:
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Postby Dallas » Sat Aug 20, 2011 9:48 am

Wow. Thanks for sharing Toast! Reading your share I felt like I was right there with you -- because I understand. I relate. And, I knew that there was something I needed to hear from your experience!

Also -- isn't it amazing, that now, we have the Internet, Wi-fi, Internet cafe's, and Smart Phones -- where, almost regardless of where we are in the world -- we have not as many excuses for "ET to not phone home!"! We can connect instantly with others in the fellowship who can help us with some sane thinking and directions when we're having one of those moments of insanely thinking about drinking!

Technology seems to be on our side -- as long as we use it to "do what we couldn't have done" without it! I call stuff like that "God Tools" or "Power Tools" that He's provided to help us maintain our sobriety!
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