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Postby Dallas » Tue Dec 06, 2011 3:19 pm

"It meant destruction of self-centeredness. I MUST turn in ALL things to the Father of Light who presides over us all. " = Steps 4-12. :wink:

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Postby sparklek » Wed Dec 07, 2011 12:57 am

Thanks you two. My actions show me how willing I really am. Since my disease centers in my thinking and I sometimes run into the problem of not seeing my own truth, I need the help of God and people to see myself. Then I get to take an action.

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Re: Thank you!

Postby Camel » Fri Dec 09, 2011 1:26 pm

Serenity Seeker wrote:
sparklek wrote:"Pain--though painful, causes an amazing, guaranteed human response--an urgent search for a solution. If we get burned, we seek to cool it. If we get cut we seek to bandage it. Drugs and alcohol are a route of escape for some going through financial hardship because the numbing effect leads to momentary forgetfulness. Forgetting does not allow the pain to go away so inevitably, the pain and the cause of the pain lingers long beyond what it might have, becoming even more complicated."

Thanks for that. I certainly need to remember that pain is useful because it does have a tendency to drive me to my knees. It takes me to the positive actions that help me to remember "This Too Shall Pass." Suddenly, like right now, I am not alone. I know my HP has me right where I need to be and I can rest. Yeah! Now I can rest :) Thanks all.

In my previous attempts to reach my HP I would pray in the car, smoking my morning cigarette... ect. I had always heard in the rooms others sharing that they hit their knees. In my head that was always the action to take with my beliefs. I guess I did not want it enough or still had reservations that I was in control and my will with a little reaching was enough. I then of course went back out after almost a year, and after coming back have placed all effort at the best of my ability (key of willingness) into action. I was reading on a website about history of AA somewhere and read that originally when Bill W closed meetings they
"hit their knees" in praying the serenity prayer at closing. I knew then if I were to find my HP I had to humble myself and hit my knees and lay it all out for him to help me. How amazing a simple act of willingness, meetings, people like you and hitting my kness with my heart makes such a difference in my life. I am so glad I don't have to take on the world on my own, figure it all out. I can just simply know God is there and will take care of me.

Hugs to you all. Can't wait to talk again.

To quote "Honest Abe", seems appropriate here;

"I have been driven to my knees many times by the overwhelming conviction that I had no place else to go."

"We well remember how something deep inside us kept rebelling against the idea of bowing before any God." (Page 96, Step Eleven, 12&12)

I can sure relate. I always feel better coming up off my knees, than I did going down on 'em.


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