Why Me, You Ask

Original poems that are specifically recovery related
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Why Me, You Ask

Postby JimmyO » Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:19 pm

Do you remember when life was fun, full of happiness and joy?
I never had a care or worry when I was just a boy.
The world was my playground with so many things to do,
But time marched on so quickly, oh if I only knew.

I had a taste of alcohol when I was in my teens,
The beginning of my nightmare and we all know what that means.
Trouble seemed to find me wherever I would go,
I drank, I guess, because I had those wild oats to sow.

Suddenly I realized, though it took too many years,
That all it ever brought me was sadness and troubled tears.
I know I can continue on with all my tales and wallow,
But let me tell you how I changed and the path I chose to follow.

I know that I was powerless over alcohol, that was easy for me to see,
My life was so unmanageable; I am ashamed it had to be me.
I knew there had to be a power greater than myself to be my key,
To give me hope, that someday soon He will restore my sanity.

I made a decision with careful thought as I turned my will and life over,
To the care of God as I knew Him in hopes of remaining sober.
Moving on, I took that inventory with an honest and open mind,
I must go forward and tell someone, please listen if you'd be so kind.

I did admit to God, myself, and another human being the nature of my wrongs,
My burden now seemed lifted as in so many beautiful songs.
Longing to cleanse body and mind of all my character flaws,
I had to remember to get out of myself and obey God's stated laws.

I sincerely asked him to remove my shortcomings and to change my attitude.
To forget about me and go humbly towards Him, I needed a better mood.
The list was made of all the people, the ones that I had harmed and wronged,
I vowed to make amends to them all but the journey was difficult, and oh, so very long.

Amends were made to many; it made me feel good,
But amends to others would cause pain; I'd make them if I could.
I contemplated carefully on what I had to do,
I simply turned them over to God, I think He understood.

I continued to take my personal inventory and when wrong, I promptly admitted.
Not harboring any defects such as anger and resentments,
I simply wanted to remain just focused and committed.
I sought through prayer and meditation to improve my relationship with God,
Praying only for knowledge of His will for me and the power to carry on.

Witnessing a spiritual awakening as a result of all these steps,
We carry a message to alcoholics, to bring them from their depths.
We offer help and guidance to show them that we care,
Never forgetting to practice these principles in all of our affairs.

So now you know how I maintain a sober state of mind,
By following and living all 12 steps that have been so well-defined.
For all of you who struggle in your efforts to admit,
That you have a major problem but are not ready to commit.

Just come and sit and listen to what we have to say.
You just might leave the table and have a better day.
Give yourself an honest chance to turn your life around,
Seeing is believing, you don't have to utter a sound.

All of those before you have unwillingly sat in your seat,
Their lives are so much better now, they've accomplished quite a feat.
Don't worry about religion if you think that's what we preach,
Our program is a spiritual one, that's what it tries to teach.

Keep coming back and learning what this program has to share,
Don't leave before the miracle happens, you'll see God truly cares.
Miracle, you ask? Let me clarify.
God will remove your addiction if you sincerely try.

He'll know when you are ready, so remain in His good grace,
He'll reach out and bless you, and gently touch your face.
For all of those who have suffered and found a better way,
Give thanks to God Almighty, and listen, for He has much to say.

For all of you still suffering, please come and make things right.
Through the power of God's mercy and His eternal shining light.
This program helped so many to turn their lives around,
Come join and see the strength you'll gain, to walk on solid ground.

We have a simple saying and I think I can make it rhyme,
I'll do so by saying, we who follow in God's path live life just "ONE DAY AT A TIME."

"Jimmy O" - May, 2012

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Re: Why Me, You Ask

Postby Toast » Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:32 am

Inspiring stuff Jimmy, well done.

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