Acceptance is a gift.

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Acceptance is a gift.

Postby finbar1910 » Sun Aug 26, 2012 3:58 pm

In my journey I am continually challenged to seek acceptance.
Acceptance of my alcoholism is vital if I'm going to remain sober and pass it on. Acceptance is also necessary if I would live life on life's terms. There have been several times along the way where I was not accepting a situation or an outcome. It was really draining. A job I was sure was the right fit for me, an outcome to an agreement which didn't turn out well, where I was at with certain things, etc. The list could go on and on.
Praying for wisdom, helping others, attending meetings, etc. certainly helped but acceptance was just out of reach. Only when I could look back without judgment and anger could I begin to see the truth.
That job I felt was best for me and lost? Thank God I didn't get it after all. No way could I have stuck it out it would have been overwhelming.
The outcome that didn't turn out well in that agreement? Guess who ran past the red flags that were clearly showing a detour was necessary? And who was too focused on what others did rather than how much was contributed to the outcome against himself by failing to take proper precautions?
When I see that God is for me I begin to see how He really does know what's the best for me.
Now when I look on these situations, the very same situations, I have gratitude. And it gives me clues to how God works in my life but I must listen to what He is doing and not jump ahead ("When in doubt, do nothing and get more information").
Patience is also a key factor towards enjoying a more fulfilling life.
Acceptance shows me myself and brings gratitude for the blessings God has been bringing into my life all along.

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