Higher Purpose in Life and Sobriety.

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Higher Purpose in Life and Sobriety.

Postby Dallas » Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:31 am

We hear a lot of discussion about "Higher Power". The last few days, I've been thinking about "Higher Purpose." And, I've pretty much concluded that for me, a Higher Power and a Higher Purpose -- go hand-in-hand. That I'm only fooling myself to think that I can have One without the Other.

Looking back over my own Sobriety career -- I can see that having a "Higher Purpose" was -- a "Higher Power" to me, to get me through the stuff that "Will Power" was not enough to get me through.

I'm not one of those that bashes "Will Power." I believe Will Power is a good thing. It's a necessary thing. We couldn't live, or survive, or have the muster to do what we have to do -- when we have to do it -- without using ALL the Will Power that we've got.

But, it seems that "Will Power" is designed to be used as the "short burst of power" that we need to do something quickly, or immediately -- because it doesn't last very long. I get a burst of Will Power to take out the trash -- or, to pick up my Big Book, or call my sponsor, or to get to a meeting. But, it's not designed to carry me on the long ventures. The road trips of life -- where I'll be spending hours, days, weeks, months, or years -- and where I'm sure there will be some big pot holes in the road -- and there will be times I end up face down in the ditch. My will power is not enough to keep me out of the ditch -- or to get me out of the ditch, most of the time.

Having a Higher Purpose is like having a "Pull Power" -- to pull me up out of the ditch when I land in one. To pull me up, so I can shake myself off and "try again" and to keep on trying -- without giving in or giving up.

I've thought in times past -- that I've had some real Grandiose concepts of my "Higher Purpose". LOL. "Here I come! Sober Mighty Mouse -- to Save the Day!" LOL. Then, I get real and fizzle out like a dud firecracker. :-)

I DO believe that having a Higher Purpose -- has actually been a "MUST" for me to maintain my sobriety -- during the low ebbs and tides of life. Without it -- I could have never gone as long as I've gone or gotten as far as I've got, which... may not be so long and far, after all. :-) But, it's a lot further along than I could have gotten by only having my Will Power working for me.

I'd like to read your comments on this. My ideas have changed a lot over the years. Now, it seems that my Higher Purpose is not as Grand as I hoped it would be. It's just something really simple -- that probably even the most inept and unequipped person on the planet could do! :-)

Talk to me! Waiting to hear from you.


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Re: Higher Purpose in Life and Sobriety.

Postby Then, and only then » Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:59 pm

Great topic! I used to able to answer with about 20 pages long with words that are not mine, but... Honestly, I have no clue. I have borrowed the program's answer, and have been trying to mold into mine but sometimes do not quite fill the hole.
Especially, when I am down in the ditch. When things go my way, I don't question the purpose or the meaning. It is only when there is turbulence, and there are so many, it seems. (-:

To stay sober and help other alcoholics, I have not make that into my primary purpose yet. I got the staying sober part, no questions there. Without it, there can not be purpose to talk about. But helping others is my primary purpose? I know my sponsor seem to, and I can see it could be rewarding. Ya but.

Is there must be a purpose? Am I capable of understanding the purpose? Can't I just 'live and let live' and be happy, joyous and free? I know it only make sense to have higher purpose to be spared. I do believe there is no coincidences in life. I used to have many grandiose ideas. Not everyone got their calling. I discounted the purpose question as part of my disease. And yes, it does crop up.

Maybe His will is about my state of mind, contended and grateful heart, and not about what I become. On 12 and 12, I came across about, 'what He would have us to be'. The almighty can not need me to save another alcoholic, after all He is. Meanwhile, I need to help other alcoholic to have a life.

Life became much smaller. After I got rid some of the grand ideas, life is not much. It is much valuable, and I am grateful I have it. However, it lost its childish shine. Life is more like my small garden. With His guidance, I intend to persevere through changes in season, full of flowers, vegetables, muscadines, humming birds and butterflies. Time to time, some will give me disappointments and restless nights, but as long as I stay sober or dry the Sun rises next day.

I know I am completely off the topic, but I really needed to share this tonight. Thank you.

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Re: Higher Purpose in Life and Sobriety.

Postby Toast » Tue Aug 28, 2012 2:46 am

I’ve often though maybe my higher purpose in life is just to be an example of what you can do with your life with the help of AA.

The guy who carried the message to me never used words, he was a neighbour of my mothers who was a hopeless, helpless drunk until he got to AA. It was watching his transformation from a hopeless drunk into a useful citizen that made me wonder at the power of this wonderful life giving fellowship. To say I was impressed with AA before I even got here is an understatement, I was ‘amazed’ before I’d even started never mind ‘half way through!’

Now he’s long dead and as far as I’m aware I’m the only sober alcoholic in our village of 3500 souls. The same village where I caused so much destruction and heartbreak. So who knows who’s watching my family and I recover from that seemingly hopeless state of mind and body?

God Bless

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Re: Higher Purpose in Life and Sobriety.

Postby Dallas » Tue Aug 28, 2012 10:16 am

Toast wrote:I’ve often though maybe my higher purpose in life is just to be an example of what you can do with your life with the help of AA.

Well. Perhaps I'm on the right track after all. :-)

I was kind of shocked to see your quote as the first part of your comment. That's precisely what I had been thinking and I went to great effort to not say it. LOL.

I really related to what Then & Only Then posted, too. Because that ties right in with it.

God's will for me: "Stay sober. Clean house. Help others. And, enjoy the life that He has given me."

For me, it's all part of One.

I can't stay sober -- without cleaning house and helping others.
I won't stay sober -- if I'm not enjoying the life that He has given me.

The only way that I can help others is: to be an example of God's plan and tools -- and how they have worked to improve my life and to keep me sober, and showed me how to enjoy the life He has given me.

I'm an Example. I used to think that, Sometimes, I'm a good example. And, sometimes a horrible example. :-)
Then, I realized that I'm ALWAYS a good example. How's that?
I'm a good example of how to really screw a life up -- doing what I did. And,
I'm a good example of how I got better by doing what I did.

Perhaps, an Example of "What to do", and other times
an Example of "What not to do." :-)

I used to think "Oh! Yes. I can help another alcoholic!" Lately, I've been thinking -- "No. I can't really help them. I can only be an example -- and THEY will make their own decision and THEY will take their own actions -- to help themselves." Hopefully, if they see that I am staying sober and I am happy while sober, and that my life is working -- as a result of "what I did" -- they will decide whether they are going to do it or not. So, the only way I can truly help them is: "To be an Example of How it has Worked for me."

My sobriety does not depend on "IF" I have helped others -- but it does depend on "IF" I have TRIED to help others. ;-) If I've tried -- I've been an example.

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