- Yet another "sneaky" form of alcohol: Grey Poupon

Yet another "sneaky" form of alcohol: Grey Poupon

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Re: Yet another "sneaky" form of alcohol: Grey Poupon

Postby Frananne » Sat Sep 22, 2012 2:32 pm

I tend to consider if something is cooked with regard to wine content. Grey pompon is cooked so I do not worry about it. I no longer add vanilla extract to my yogurt because I do not cook it. I do use vanilla extract in baking however. I no longer order bread pudding or tira marie sue(sp) at restaurants because I do not want to worry about if the alcohol really cooked off.expect I will choose to never have bananas foster or cherry jubilee again as chocolate cake has no worrisome thoughts associated with it.

Regarding communion I wrestled with this and for a while would just look into the cup then just touched my lips to it and not into mouth. Finally decided that I get all the grace I need with communion and my Higher Power wants me reverent and in the moment of communion so I just give the wine(blood) the go bye. God loves me and does not want my mind squirrelly at communion. pEACE on this topic after thinking about it for a bit.
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Re: Yet another "sneaky" form of alcohol: Grey Poupon

Postby Toast » Sat Sep 22, 2012 2:51 pm


A few weeks back we had dinner in an Italian restaurant and as soon as my meal was over my head was fit to burst!

When i looked back over the menu at what i ordered it was only then i noticed it was cooked with white wine. Became obvious to me the wine hadn't been ' cooked off' as they say. Not like me not to notice but i won't get caught like that again. My head was still not right the day after.

Be warned!
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Re: Yet another "sneaky" form of alcohol: Grey Poupon

Postby Dallas » Sat Sep 22, 2012 9:02 pm

I think this is why I still love it when we have these discussions
that most normal non-alcoholic folks would think we're dummies for having. :-)

My mother was a diabetic.
I'm not diabetic.

When I was taking care of my mother I had to constantly read the labels and count the carbohydrates.
Since she would eat anything put in front of her (or hidden from her)
she could have easily landed in a diabetic coma, or died, or all kinds
of horrible things could have happened to her -- legs or feet amputated, etc.

As a non-diabetic, before I became aware of what can happen to a person w/ diabetes --
I didn't take it very seriously at all. I would have probably tried to convince them "Oh, all this crap is in your mind! If it could hurt you they wouldn't be selling it!" :-)

I think that there is a lot to -- using diabetes, as a metaphor or comparison, to the physical aspects of "alcohol-ism".

Non-alcoholics think our alcohol-ism is simply in our minds -- that our physical body has nothing to do w/ it.

Over the years, with hindsight -- I can see how the timing of me getting exposed to these "goofy to others" discussions -- about food and labels, and whether it gets cooked out or not -- was timely enough to turn the red warning light on for me, and probably helped me to stay sober as a result.

For me, it's real simple: If I don't put alcohol -- in any form or in any quantity at all -- in my body -- it's all pointless and academic. Nothing to think about.

Sounds easy. However, it's my mind -- is what I have to also keep an eye on. If my mind gets into the debate over what gets cooked out, what's safe, what's not safe -- invariably, I end up screwing myself.

I love Silkworth's thoughts on it: Insanity = the inability to tell the right from the wrong. The true from the false -- "in regards" to alcohol. :-)
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Re: Yet another "sneaky" form of alcohol: Grey Poupon

Postby Toast » Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:48 am


Like Dallas I always read the labels and never knowingly put alcohol into my system in any shape or form. Even when I was in hospital passing kidney stones (the hard way, so don’t talk to me about the pains of childbirth sisters, I’ve been there!) I told them I was allergic to alcohol.

I’ve even noticed some of those old fashioned lemonades that come dressed up in the vintage looking bottles contain 2% alcohol.

But if you’re an alcoholic of my type it’s not hard to find out if some alcohol has gotten into your system. Because it just comes straight back out, my body just rejects it!

A few years back our neighbours asked us in to see some nice new furniture. The husband made the coffee. After I took the 1st sip of mine it came flying back out all over the nice new couch! Knowing that I once liked a good drink the man had put a drop of whisky in my coffee! Boy was his wife angry with him, not me. And quite rightly so it as a real dumb thing to do!

Love, light, laughter!

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Re: Yet another "sneaky" form of alcohol: Grey Poupon

Postby Dallas » Sun Sep 23, 2012 5:24 am

Thanks for the heads-up on the lemonades.

After refreshingly reading on this topic, yesterday, while listening to a radio station -- I happened to notice an "iced tea" ad -- they were touting that it was made like beer but tastes just like iced tea. :-)

I thought, "Did I hear that right?" Then, it went on to talk about the buzz you get from drinking it.
Yep. I heard it right.

To this day -- my head seams to have a built-in sensor, that listens for any words or phrases in regards to anything that can be interpreted as "getting a buzz" from using it. It's still one of those things that has never changed. It's almost like my brain wants to store the info for use "just in case" -- for the future. Unfortunately, that part of my brain doesn't want to store the info so that I don't use the stuff -- it wants to store it for future reference "just in case" I wasn't sober! As if, "hey if there is something out there I haven't tried...."

At least today, I KNOW what my brain is doing -- much of the time. It never ceases to amaze me, that as much as I love sobriety, and change, there is still a part of my brain -- that I can consciously identify -- that would actually lead me down the path of no return. It causes me to wonder: "I wonder how much unconscious stuff is going on in my brain, that I'm not even aware of -- that seams to want to lead me down that path of destruction."

Some might call it Paranoid of me -- or whatever. What they think of me -- isn't going to change my life. I'd rather be safe than more-stupid. :-)

It also reminds me -- that there will never be a time, that will come in the future -- that I will not need to rely on God, as I understand God -- AND -- to be doing ALL that I know to do, to stay sober.

It's one of the reasons that I make extra effort to remind myself daily of: Step One. And, to practice it daily.
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