I got a sponsor!!!

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I got a sponsor!!!

Postby ediebee » Sun May 28, 2006 1:46 am

Howdy Everyone! :D

I am SO excited that I have a sponsor that I wanted ya'll to know right away. I confess to my total lack of patience and discouragement as the right person came into my life. God listens even to those of us who whine (thank goodness).

Though I haven't been online in the past few weeks, you all have been in my thoughts and prayers. AA people are phenomenal. I give thanksgiving everyday for being a part of this organization. I derive something from everyone. I appreciate the laughs and the tears. Thank you all for contributing what you do! You are helping me stay sober.


Tina L.
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Postby Tina L. » Sat Jun 24, 2006 9:18 am

hi ediebee. im glad u got a sponsor. i got a sponsor 2. u sound happy and i wish the best for u.

tina xoxoxo

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