A.A. and the Shoelace

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Rusty Zipper
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A.A. and the Shoelace

Postby Rusty Zipper » Mon Jun 19, 2006 12:42 pm

to all of us in recovery... do any of you remember the day's when the lil'st thing's would be a major catastrophe ... i would like to share one of mine. i'l call it the knot'd shoelace. i remember a time that my shoelace was in a knot. at first, i tried to simply get the knot out. ut-uh, no good. i try again. ut-uh. i try a third time. ut-uh. Confused now im starting to get a little nerved up. arg. try again, ut-uh. by now, the cuss words are a flying. i take off the shoe. try it that way. ut-uh. now my blood preasure is out in the stratosphere. then i get the brillant idea, let's get the knife out. i rip into this f%$#@%g lace like i was chopping up a tree... what did i accomplish? i felt better after venting my anger, and frustration. of course i went and had another drink, or two. ### I Only Had a Couple #### ya, now i have to go find another shoe lace, find a "Band-Aid" oh, i negleted to tell you that i ripped the s#$t out of my finger. ... what's my point... "the Spiritual Condition" now, when the old shoelace get's a knot. i can calmly sit down, and with some patieance. and untie the knot without all the drama... so whenever a sittuation rear's it's silly little head. i can take the wisdom i have learned from the program. the strenght from my "Power Greater Than" and show up for life... this was just one of my stories, on my road to happy destiny.....

all good wishes, and give only love, ......... xoxo Rusty ps. if anyone has a story, would love to hear it

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